Sivuch Northern Sea Leo from the Red Book | Description and photo

Sea lion – The largest eared seal. In some sources of this representative of the animal world, you can find under the name «Northern Sea Leo». True, looking at the photo of the cubs such a parallel, it is difficult to draw – They look very nice. Unfortunately, there is every reason to believe that soon, if you do nothing, you can only see the eared seal in the photo/video. At the moment, the view is entered in the Red Book due to the fact that it is on the verge of extinction.

Northern Sea Leo

Its second name «sea ​​lion» The animal got not in vain. Such a name was given to him by a German biologist Steller when he first saw a huge miracle with a massive track, golden eyes and the same color with wool. There is still something similar between these animals.

Description of the species

Eared seal is a fairly large animal – The length of an adult representative of the male species reaches 4 meters, and the mass can reach 650 kilograms. Rarely, but still there are individuals that weigh to tons. Females are slightly smaller in size and weight.

It should be noted that such a color of the wool in the eared seal is not constant. In adolescence, it is light brown and changes as it grows up, gradually turning into light yellow, but in the winter season the color changes again, reaching a dark brown, almost chocolate color.

By nature, the sea lion polygamen. And this means that in its «family» He can keep several females at once. In general, animals of this species live as a type «harem» – one male representative, several female and their children. For the entire life cycle of a female representative of this species of animals, only one baby is born. After the birth of the descendant, the female becomes quite aggressive, as she carefully protects her baby.

It is noteworthy that far from always herds consist only of the classical composition – Father, mother and their children. There are purely male communities. They, as a rule, include eared male seals of different ages, which for some reason could not create their own «harems».

Animals of this species live quite quietly. Men’s individuals can only occasionally make sounds that look like a lion roar, which once again justifies their second name – «Sea lions».

The defending of the territory is quite tough, because by its nature the seal is quite aggressive – He will fight to the last. But, in history there is one case atypical for such a breed – animal «Made» with a man and calmly took food from him.

Life cycle

The whole life cycle «sea ​​lions» take two stages – Nomadic and royal. In the cold season, Sivuch lives only in warm latitudes, most often these are Mexican shores. In the warm season, sea lions move closer to the Pacific coast. It is in these places that, as a rule, that the mating and reproduction of animals of this species occurs.

By nature, a very good swimmer and in order to get food, can dive deep enough. Speaking of nutrition – prefers the sea lion fish and mollusks. But, he will not refuse the squid, octopus. In exceptional cases, they can hunt sea seals.

Sivuchi on vacation

Life expectancy of an eared seal 25-30 years. Puberty ends in females at the age of 3-5 years, but male representatives are ready to mate only upon reaching the age of eight years. Beding the baby lasts almost a year. Immediately after birth, the cub falls under the real maternal custody, and the male takes the responsibilities of keeping the family – Goes food and brings it to children and females.

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