Skimal row photo and description, where its toxicity grows

Pointed row (latch. Tricholoma Virgatum) is one of the types of mushrooms, which is included in the genus of the row, the family of row. It is also called a row of a mouse or a row of pointed.


Refers to inedible mushrooms. The mushroom hat is small (about 3-5 cm diameter). The structure of the hat is fibrous. The shape of the hat is similar to the bell. In young specimens it is convex. In the course of development, the hat acquires a flatwhite shape. Also in the middle of the hat there is a pointed tubercle, which allows you to determine what type the mushroom belongs. The coloring is usually either gray or ashen-gray with reflection.

White pulp, dense and without any pungent odors. The taste is very burning.

Himenopher is the bottom of the hat. The row is plastic. The plates are high-grown, have a grayish or white color. In older specimens, they are covered with yellow spots.

The leg has the shape of an elongated cylinder. Height is about 5-15 cm, and the thickness is 0.8- 1.5. Long and thin form. The color of the leg is often white, if you examine the bottom of the legs, then there is either a yellow or pink shade.

Where it grows

Usually grows in deciduous or coniferous forests. This species prefers moist, poor, inexorable soil, as well as mixed plantings. Suitable symbiont trees are: larch, pine, spruce, etc.D. The formation of mycorrhism is well held in the climatic conditions of North America, the Caucasus, Europe, Crimea, the Krasnodar Territory and in other areas of the middle strip. This species is growing not by once, but in rows or groups. Fruiting occurs almost all of autumn.


Compared to the gray row, this type of poisonous. The mushroom has a strong bitter and unpleasant taste, which does not even come out after a long boiling. When consumed, the digestive tract occurs. Signs of poisoning by a pointed row are manifested after 1-8 hours. The first symptoms: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea in acute form, cramps in the abdomen, etc.D. This species is able to cause severe poisoning.

Similar views

Row is gray

  • One of the few representatives of the family, which is edible. Unlike the rowrow, the gray hat is darker in the gray, it is larger (4-10 cm in diameter), a leg without stripes. Covering the hat at the gray rowpuffy fluffy.
  • The pulp has a whitish or grayish tint, but most often with yellow. The pulp in the leg is loose and fibrous. Taste and smell powdery.
  • Plates (0.5-1 cm in width), wide, rare location. The plates themselves are winding.
  • Leg (4-15 cm in length, and thickness 1-2 cm), has the shape of a cylinder and slightly thick at the base. The leg is dense, smooth, with longitudinal fibers. The color is mostly white, in the upper part is covered with powdery.
  • The smell of a row of gray is pleasant, flour.
  • Row is gray

    Lapal row

  • Mushrooms of this species are poisonous and belong to inedible.
  • Hat size 3-12 cm in diameter. Convex or flatpacked shape, with a wide tubercle in the center. The hat is naked, smooth and sometimes fibrous along the edge. Coloring is sometimes reddish-brown or olive-green.
  • White pulp or sometimes yellowish. This species differs from others in that in the air the pulp becomes reddish and acquires the smell of fruit soap, and also has an unpleasant taste.
  • Leg 6-12 cm long and 1-5 cm in thickness. With age is covered with reddish spots.
  • Lapal row

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