Skinny’s pig photo, maintenance and care, how much live

Skinny is a mammalian, a representative of the lead family. The history of the appearance of the animal begins with crossing two species: Hartley and a hairless guinea pig. Scientists were unhappy with the result of this process, since the animals had low immunity. That is why they crossed this breed with the selfstones, having received skinny. This happened in the 70s of the last century.


The length of the body of the animal is about 35 cm. Sexual dimorphism is expressed in size: females are much smaller. An adult usually weighs 1 kg. At first glance, the pig seems like a bald, but her skin is covered with a thin fluff. You can see small hairs on the neck and head. Pig eyes are expressive, they can be red and brown, black and burgundy. Opera of the animal rounded shape. The neck is stocky and muscular, like the body of the skinny. But, despite this, the mammal has a rounded tummy. The tail of the mammal is short and imperceptible. Its color can vary from white to peg.

Life expectancy

Skinny live from 5 to 6 years old.

Where it lives

These pigs do not live in the wild. Due to the lack of fur, animals should be in a warm room. In winter, animals easily get sick from the blow of cold wind. Clothing can be saved from this. In the hot season of animals, it should be smeared with sunscreen and without it not taken out into the street.

What they eat

Skinny is grassy. They love hay with herbs. Skinny Coprophrophs, they feed on their excrement.

Vitamin C must be added to animal food, since the animal body is not able to develop this vitamin on its own. You can purchase this vitamin in liquid form and add to the water or include green and red pepper in the diet. But for daily feeding, green pepper is more suitable, since it contains less sugar. 2 sheets of cabbage are given several times a week. Once every 7 days, skinny should give mint and broccoli.

To maintain the balance of vitamins in the body of the mammal, it should be fed with cucumbers and tomatoes, apples and citrus fruits, as well as spinach and beans. Skinny needs phosphorus, therefore, a couple of times a week they should give oats and barley. Pregnant females need to be spoiled more often with nuts and seeds. But there are products that are categorically contraindicated by pigs. These are potatoes, meat and chocolate, any fried products and sweets.

The first time after the birth of young animals you need mother’s milk and, if the mother rejected the pig, it needs to be fed manually with a teaspoon. The syringe cannot be used, since the animal may choke. You can feed the pig with goat milk, milk mixture.

Content and care

Skinny is not much different from relatives, but the lack of wool makes its own adjustments. Because of this, animal body temperature is about 26 degrees, because they need more food. Such unusual skin is prone to peeling, for this reason a pig often needs oily baby cream.

Another feature of skinny is that they are vulnerable to infections. To prevent infection and injuries, they are kept in a closed room and cut the claws.

It is equally important to equip a cell or aquarium only with soft materials such as wool. The “housing” of the pig should be plastic, its optimal size is 50 x100 cm. Slip should be put in a thickness of less than 10 millimeters inside. It is recommended to form tunnels from cardboard lined with fabric, and attach them to the “home” of the pet. This will have a beneficial effect on the psychoemotional state of the animal and will take it for a long time.

General cleaning in the cage is carried out once a week. So that the apartment does not smell of urine and excrement, you should constantly change the sawdust.

When caring for them, it is important to remember that the skin of pigs releases special oils and therefore often bathing animals is dangerous. It is enough to dilute the shampoo in a bowl with warm water and rinse the dirt from the pig. Moreover, you need to ensure that the water does not fall into the ears and eyes of the skinny.

Breeding skinny

Puberty occurs from about 8 or 10 weeks. But pigs should only be diluted when the female is 5 months old. Pregnancy usually lasts about three months. Usually 2-4 individuals in the litter. Childbirth occurs from 10 minutes to half an hour.

Skinni breeding has a number of features. So, if the Skinny School and Hairy Guinea Slobe occur, only one Skinny individual will be born. The rest of the cubs will be carriers of the skinny gene. Two media with a probability of 25 percent will have one hairless skinny. With a shed of skinny with Baldwin, there will be no unsteady pigs in the litter.


This guinea pig is a social animal. It gets along well with relatives and other pets. In general, they are friendly and rarely can cause them aggression. Sometimes animals bite the owners when they want to bite themselves. This behavior indicates that Skinny had fleas. But it is not always the case. The pig can bite or bite, being in the hands of the owner, when you want to urinate.

This mammal is easy to tame. At first the animal can be nervous, but then, if it feels love, it will begin to trust.

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