Small Back Vorop Photo and Description of the Bird, where it lives and what it eats

Small Back A secretive bird living in thick vegetation in freshwater swamps. It is rarely seen, and the presence is found only by sequence. How the name of the species hints, a small rash is a tiny look, only 20 cm high.

The appearance of the bird

Little drinks are small herons about 20 cm high. Adult males are distinguished by a black head, back and tail, yellowish-brown plumage on the neck, and spots under the wings. The beak is yellowish-brown, the color of the paw varies from greenish to yellow. The female is smaller and darker, the neck, back and wings are reddish-brown, the wings of light red color, the black comb is less developed than that of males. The lower body of the brown strip. In both sexes, the neck has whitish longitudinal stripes. The plumage of bodies of brown brown color with brown and bright red spots on the wings.

How Small Slip sings

The bird’s voice is sharp, it makes the sound “Co” with excitement; deep, repeating “ko-ko” in the reproduction season; “Quir” during the flight.


Small Back is widespread in Western Europe, Ukraine, in some parts of Eurasia, India, in the central and southern parts of Africa, in Madagascar, in Southern and East Australia and in the south of New Guinea. Little ones drink places with a variety of vegetation types and water-bolotylands, including swamps, ponds, edges of the lakes.

A small drop among the thickets propagates. He has been nesting in dense stands and along the channels, on reeds, in shrubs. These birds do not live in colonies. The pair of param is built from branches, its diameter is about 12-15 cm. The female lays 4-6 whitish-green eggs, and both sexes arise offspring for 17-19 days.


Little drinks are secretive and invisible, they do not hide from people, just this is their nature. Drink migrate after the reproduction season, when the chicks are led in late July early September. Fly south in August-September, adults leave the country of nesting, and only a few (mainly young animals) remain in Europe after October. Drinking one by one and in small groups at night. For example, birds from Europe intersect the Mediterranean Sea, fly to the winter to Africa, to the Azore and Canary Islands, Madeira.

Birds returned home through the Mediterranean basin since midMarch. Propagation in Central Europe and south of Eurasia Duke occupy in April and the first week of May.

What small drinks eat

The bird eats tadpoles, insects, shaking fish and freshwater invertebrates.

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