Small cattle species and breeds of animals, content, characteristic and value

Small cattle are sheep and goats dominated from antiquity. These are mainly animals related to the subfamily of the goat. Today, such breeds as Romanov and Gissar Sheep, a rifle and Nubian Capricorn are included there. You can get milk, wool and meat from animals. Sheep wool is very popular in the field of creating textiles, for example, carpets. Tulups and sheepskin coats make sheepskin. Some skins can also be useful for fur products. Today, breeding of small cattle is carried out in many countries: in Eurasia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan.


Romanov sheep

Edilbaevskaya sheep

Gissar sheep


Kuibyshev Sheep


Karakul sheep


Special goat

Nubian Capricorn

Siberian goat

Pyrenee Capricorn

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Small cattle is a type of agricultural animals that are needed to obtain fat and dairy products. The latest category of products is considered dietary due to the low fat content, which in products is about 3 percent. These animals also produce nutritious manure, thanks to which the soil becomes fertile. Therefore, they are constantly bred, for which pastures are needed sheep and goats feed on hay and grass. Because of this, the soil is destroyed, since when consuming food, cattle tear out plants with the root.

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