Small cryptor photo and description, where it lives what eats

Small blur (lat.Aquila Pomarina) represents a family of hawks. This species, unlike a big fingering, is not so numerous. Its territory is quite limited.


Despite his name, a small blurred is a rather large representative. His body size is about 65 centimeters in length. Wings with a scale from 44 to 51 centimeters. Weight ranges from 1,500 to 1800 grams. The color of the plumage of this species is monophonic, brown. There are no drawings and patterns. Only young animals on the back have dark orange spots.


The distribution area of ​​this representative is located in two divided areas. Part of the population is located in the West, namely in the territory of Central Europe, starting with the Elbe and reaching the east of St. Petersburg. In the south, this species can be found in Greece and on the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria. Lesser spotted eagles live in parts of Asia Minor. Found in small numbers in northeast Turkey and northwest Iran. The eastern region itself is limited to Hindustan.

Lesser spotted eagles choose broad-leaved forests as their habitat. They prefer to settle on dried wastelands, which alternate with forest groves. Some species live in old clearings. On the territory of continuous forests and swamps, the Lesser Spotted Eagle is almost never found.

Lifestyle and nutrition

The activity of these representatives falls on the daytime. Educated couples lead a territorial way of life and do not advocate foreign birds in their area. However, it is normal for females to visit another female’s nest. During the summer, keep either in pairs or singly.

During the cold season, they can live near other eagles. In this case, conflicts between individuals do not arise. Thanks to their sharp vision, they prefer to hunt from the ground. Looking for a potential victim from the air.

The basis of their diet consists of small mammals and small birds.  Lesser spotted eagles can also eat insects. In winter, termites are their main food.

breeding season

Pairs of lesser spotted eagles organize for a long time. Nests are preferred to be built on the edges of tall trees. At the end of the nest organization process, the female lays eggs. This usually happens at the end of April. On average, a clutch consists of 2 eggs. Most of the time only one survives. This is due to the fact that stronger chicks can bully weak ones. The incubation period lasts up to 41 days.

At the age of 8 weeks, the chicks begin to actively fledge. After that, the young spend a few more months on the parental territory. Birds become sexually mature only at the age of 3 to 4 years. Spotted eagles live up to 25 years in the wild. However, taking into account 25 percent mortality, the number of adult birds is only 5 %.  The average lifespan of lesser spotted eagles is 9 years.

Lesser Spotted Eagle chick in the nest


Representatives of this species are not classified as vulnerable. Their numbers are declining very slowly. The main reason is the reduction of their habitat. Another problem is hunting them while migrating south.

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