Small Kormlan from the Red Book photo and description

The name speaks for itself: this is the smallest representative of his appearance. Small cormorant is an almost disappearing look, especially in the territory of the CIS countries. Hunters are not particularly interested in shooting a bird, most often the main reason for their extinction is poor environmental conditions and a fisherman entering a network, as well as fires.

The appearance of birds

Distinguish small cormorant from its relatives is easy to color poultry. The color of the plumage of individuals changes depending on the phase of the life of the bird:

  • chicks brown fluff with a brown tint;
  • Feeling of birds during nesting has two shades: dirty white and light brown;
  • The first “marriage outfit” of individuals in brown-brown tones with green reflection;
  • The second “marriage outfit” has a dark brown color from below and closer to the head brightens, rocky white feathers appear;
  • “Post-grade outfit”-dark brown in color with a weak metal tint.
  • Body size is small about 60 cm, weight up to a kilogram.

    Where Baklan lives

    Despite the fact that the small cormorant has wings, the bird is best oriented on the water. Therefore, most often individuals are found in large and small reservoirs in which running water. There is no difference, salty or fresh water: Small Kalklan is able to live both in the seas and in the rivers. To feel as comfortable as possible, the bird chooses the shores on which there are large thickets of bushes, reeds or reeds. An ideal place to create a nest a floating island in the sleeve of a river with a lot of vegetation and clean water.

    What eats?

    The most delicious treat for small cormorants is fish. However, due to the small size of the beak, the bird cannot swallow large prey. Maximum size-10-12 cm. Typically, there are carlanes, pike, vobla and rudd. However, if there are no fish, the bird can enjoy small mollusks, such as shrimp or amphibians: frogs, lizards, snakes and terrible.

    Small cormorant can live his whole life in one pond if the amount of food is sufficient. If the amount of potential production is less, the bird will move to another place.

    Interesting Facts

    Small cormorants are an interesting view of birds, their lifestyle is different from others:

    1. Individuals are not aggressive and enter into a fight only to protect against predators.
    2. The litter of small cormorant contains a large amount of nitrogen and phosphate, which makes it effective fertilizer.
    3. Cormans can destroy spawning to feed the chicks.
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