Small predatory animals list with photos | small predators

At the top of the food chain are wolves, bears and other predators. One step below small predators:

  • martens;
  • skunks;
  • caresses;
  • stoats;
  • hyenas;
  • mongooses;
  • sable;
  • ferrets;
  • caresses;
  • mink;
  • columns;
  • otters;
  • hedgehogs;
  • raccoons.
  • Small carnivores are carnivorous, but most of them also eat other foods such as dog food, vegetables, fruits, and even carrion. Most small carnivores are nocturnal, meaning they hunt at night and sleep during the day. They are also very smart. Some small carnivores are wild like the hyena. Others make good pets. Raccoons look cute, but they bite a person if they are scared. After all, they are wild carnivores.


    pine marten


    Ferret steppe




    European mink






    Many small predators belong to the weasel family:

  • caresses;
  • badgers;
  • stoats;
  • otters;
  • wolverines;
  • mink.
  • Interesting Facts

    1. Most small carnivores live two to three years. Many are hit by cars or eaten by large predators.
    2. Small predators have good hearing and smell, but their eyesight is poor. Most small predators are nocturnal.
    3. Small predators eat mice and other rodents that carry diseases and spoil the crop.
    4. Most types of small predators produce numerous offspring. They consume a variety of foods, do not starve, live in almost any conditions and are not in danger of disappearance.
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