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Clitocybe nebularis, usually called sulfur, is found in rings in coniferous forests. Despite the fact that the appearance of the mushroom is quite diverse, it will be recognized even from a distance. Sluming talus also grows in deciduous forests and under the living hedges. And sometimes a large ring (up to eight meters in diameter) or mass of mushrooms (more than 50 fruit bodies) even appears in shrubs!

Where there are smoky talkers

The mushroom grows in most parts of mainland Europe from Scandinavia to the southern parts of the Pyrenee Peninsula and the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. This species is also collected in many parts of North America. The season of talus hunting is opened in September, and it continues until the end of October and sometimes extends with warm weather.


The generic name clitocybe means “sloping hat”, and Nebula comes from the Latin word “nebula”. The general name displays the cloudshaped color of the hat and its funnel form in a fully ripened state.

Is the gray talker toxic

Once considered edible, this large and abundantly growing mushroom is now belonging to conditionally. This is not the most toxic mushroom, but it seriously upset the gastrointestinal tract in some people who eat it, and therefore, probably, it is better to avoid it when collecting mushrooms, if there are discreases with the stomach and intestines.

Not in favor of this species is also its aroma. Some people find him “sickening”, when cooking, the smoky smoky is the smell of flower, it seems putting on someone putty and musty, sensitive persons do not like him.

Когда дымчатые говорушки полностью созревают или плодовые тела начинают распадаться, на них поселяются грибы-паразиты вольвариеллы паразитические. It is always worth a closer look at each hat of gray talker in case the white parasite infected the mushroom mushroom. Volvariella Inedible and poisonous.

The appearance of a smoky dialect


At first, convex or conical, at the age of one month, the hat of this large mushroom is completely stretched, then smoothed out and becomes slightly funnelshaped with a wavy edge, which remains lowered or even slightly curled.

When it is fully disclosed, gray, often with a cloud pattern in the central region, a hat of a smoky diameter has a diameter of 6 to 20 cm. The surface is covered by a pale felt plaque.


With age, white gills become pale cream, frequent clitocybe nebularis grunts slightly fit to the leg.


The diameter is from 2 to 3 cm, expands at the base, the hard leg of the smoky dialect in a height of 6 to 12 cm, smooth and a little paler than the hat.

What a talker is gray for smell/taste

Sweet fruit smell (some people feel the smell of turnips), without distinctive taste.

Similar to the dialect of gray species of mushrooms

A row of purple (Lepista nuda) is similar in shape, but she has pale purple winding gills. This is a conditionally sedimentary mushroom, which is pre-trimmed. It will not bring harm to health with proper preparation, even if you confuse with a talker of gray.

A row violet

Poisonous analogues of smoky talker

Endoloma is poisonous (lat. Entoloma sinuatum) has yellowish gills in adulthood, pink, and not whitewhite disputes like a dialect. This is a poisonous mushroom, therefore, when collecting any mushrooms with pale stained hats for meals, you need to observe special caution.

Endoloma is poisonous

Taxonomic story

The smoky (gray) dialect was first described in 1789 by August by Johang George Karl Butch, who called it Agaricus Nebularis. In the early years of the mushroom taxonomy, most gill species initially placed in the giant genus Agaricus, which is currently largely redistributed for many other kinds. In 1871, this species was transferred to the clan of Clitocybe by the famous German mycologist Paul Cummer, who renamed Clitocybe Nebularis.

Disappointment from mushroom hunting

Mushroom pickers, gathered a lot of smoky talkers, anticipate that they will blame a lot of mushrooms for the winter or feed a large number of people with a plentiful harvest. What disappointment awaits them after the first cooking of mushrooms, the volume of talkers will be reduced by about 5 times!

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