Snakes of Australia photos of the most dangerous and poisonous snakes of Australia

About 140 types of snakes, dangerous reptiles live in Australia. Sometimes they even crawl to farms or to houses to people. One of the poisonous snakes of the continent is a mesh brown snake from the family of aspid. Its poison is able to immediately paralyze, which will subsequently lead to death, if you do not accept anti. Another representative of this class is a tiger snake. She lives in the southeast of the country and often bites people, because she lives next to them. Despite this, the mice initially become its goal.

Mesh brown snake

Western brown snake, or guard

Tiger snake

Intramaterial taipan

Coastal taipan


Magnificent Australian copperheaded snake

Black hiddeneyed aspid

Green wood snake 

Redbellied black snake

Snake Dubois


Vipershaped deadly snake


So, there are many snakes in Australia, almost all of which are poisonous. These include intramaterial taipan, which lives in crevices and on the plains, where it is convenient to catch rats. The poison of the snake is especially dangerous for a person, can kill in just 40 minutes. No less terrible and coastal taipan, which has 13 millimeter fangs. He sets far from people, for in areas with sugarcane and so there is food. There is a mulga inhabiting the southwest of the mainland here. Mulgie’s poison kills the cells of the nervous system and destroys the muscles, provoking rapid death.

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