Snow-shu cat breed: characteristics, photo, character, care and content rules


  • Country of origin: USA
  • Type of wool
  • Growth:
    27-30 cm
  • The weight:
    2.5–6 kg
  • Age:
    9-15 years
  • Brief information

  • Very affectionate, but at the same time unobtrusive;
  • Cheerful and energetic, loves young children;
  • Fearless and curious.
  • Character

    Snow-shu-relatively young breed. She appeared by crossing Siamese cats with twotone American shorthaired cats. As a result, cats appeared with neat white boots on the legs, Siamese color and a very pleasant character.

    The breed of a cat Snowshu: characteristics, photo, nature, rules of care and content petstory

    Unlike their loud Siamese relatives, the catfish cats have a pleasant melodic voice and do not create so much noise. Some of them even give a voice only as a last resort.

    Snow-shu themselves choose the owner and try to be with him as much as possible. They are very affectionate, but at the same time unobtrusive.

    Very sociable and curious, Snow-sho get along well with people (including young children), as well as with animals (even with dogs!). These cats are friendly and with pleasure not only play with other pets, but they can even learn from them and repeat their actions.

    Do not perceive Snow-shu as a plush toy-this is an independent and proud cat. Although it is not vindictive and has an enviable margin of patience, you still do not need to experience this patience. The owner should know that Snow-shu is very difficult to scare or confuse. This is a very sustained and calm breed.

    Cats of this breed adore water. They can be happy to watch how water flows from the crane. And if you leave a filled bath or a basin of water, a cat is likely to use this opportunity to splash.


    Snow-shu has a rather dense and thick wool. And although it does not rush, but it is still necessary to comb it, albeit not every day. It is enough to return to this issue about once a week. The molting period takes place in these cats relatively calm for the owners.

    Conditions of detention

    Snow-shu do not tolerate loneliness. If the owner spends most of the time outside the house, giving the cat to himself, then changes are possible in her behavior: it can become sluggish, naughty. Therefore, it is believed that it is best to start cats of this breed in families with young children who will provide the animal with the necessary emotional contact. You can also purchase two kittens at once so that they can communicate with each other.

    Cats of this breed are happy to walk on a leash. It is not recommended to let them go on an independent walk, since they are very sociable and can for this reason fall into unpleasant situations with other animals, including dogs. If there is the opportunity to produce a cat in the fenced green territory (for example, in the country), the animal will be happy to explore the world around him.

    At home, the cat should have its place where she can relax calmly. Snow-shu are very playful, so you should make sure that the cat has a sufficient number of toys. She will be happy to deal with them, hunt them and even bring them in his teeth on the command of the owner.

    The breed of a cat Snowshu: characteristics, photo, nature, rules of care and content petstory
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