Social ecology laws, tasks and goals of social ecology briefly

Social ecology is a branch of science that studies the interaction of the human community and nature. At the moment, this science is being formed into an independent discipline, has its own field of research, subject and object of study. It should be said that social ecology studies various groups of the population that are engaged in activities that directly affect the state of nature, using the resources of the planet. In addition, various measures are being studied to solve environmental problems. A significant place is occupied by environmental methods that are used by different segments of the population.

In turn, social ecology has the following subspecies and sections:

  • – economic;
  • – legal;
  • – urban;
  • – demographic ecology.
  • Main problems of social ecology

    This discipline primarily considers what mechanisms people use to influence the environment and the world around them. Among the main problems, the following should be listed:

  • – global forecasting of the use of natural resources by people;
  • – study of certain ecosystems at the level of small locations;
  • – study of urban ecology and the life of people in various settlements;
  • – ways of development of human civilization.
  • Subject of social ecology

    Today, social ecology is only gaining momentum in popularity. A significant influence on the development and formation of this scientific field is the work of Vernadsky “Biosphere”, which the world saw in 1928. This monograph outlines the problems of social ecology. Further research by scientists considers such problems as global warming and pollution of the biosphere, the cycle of chemical elements and human use of the natural resources of the planet.

    Human ecology occupies a special place in this scientific specialization. In this context, the direct relationship of people and the environment is studied. This scientific direction considers a person as a biological species.

    Development of social ecology

    Thus, social. ecology is developing, becoming the most important field of knowledge that studies a person against the background of the environment. This helps to understand not only the development of nature, but also of man in general. By conveying the values ​​of this discipline to the general public, people will be able to understand what place they occupy on earth, what harm they do to nature and what needs to be done to preserve it.

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