Soil analysis: in what cases is carried out, which gives

To determine the exact composition of the soil, a special analysis is carried out. This is a task for specialized companies that have professional equipment.

Why conduct soil analysis

To determine the level of concentration of chemical components affecting crops and planting, an agrochemical analysis of the soil is carried out, this is especially true for large agricultural land and lands used to grow certain crops garden plots, cottages, etc.D.

The soil’s study is ordered not only by owners of the plots, but also by potential land buyers to evaluate the fertility of the soil and understand what measures must be carried out to improve it.

In addition, a comprehensive study of the characteristics of the soil shows how safe the composition is, whether there are harmful components, toxins and everything else in the Earth, which can harm a person or plants.

Effect of highquality analysis

The study helps to solve different problems, including:

  • increasing the yield of land;
  • the choice of cultures that are best suited for specific conditions;
  • Selection of the most effective fertilizers.
  • Soil research can be ordered by construction companies. The law obliges developers to analyze the land to verify its safety for life.

    What is explored, how the price is calculated

    During the chemical analysis of the soil, different indicators are measured, for example, the presence:

  • pollutants (their volume and types);
  • trace elements;
  • heavy metals, etc.
  • Using special equipment, the acidity and salinity of soil is set. Specify the exact list of indicators in the company that will analyze (experts will tell and show everything, answer any questions).

    How rich the soil is phosphorus and potassium? What trace elements are part of the soil? Is there iron, mercury or copper in the ground? Answers to these questions are given by comprehensive agrochemical analysis.

    How much does the soil study cost

    The cost depends on the volumes and the type of work. For example, you can choose a minimum package and order soil check to determine whether it is suitable for growing agricultural crops.

    There are more complex packages, for example, expanded, including an assessment of land suitability for growing various plants, as well as obtaining information for the selection of fertilizers. The largest data volume gives the maximum package. Studies also differ depending on the goals, so they distinguish soil tests carried out for fertility or pollutants.

    Contact specialists, they will help you choose the optimal package depending on the goals, conduct an agrochemical analysis of the soil, prepare the results of the study and, if necessary, provide consultations with an agrochemical for the use of fertilizers.

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