Soil of coniferous forests | Soil coniferous forest zone

Podzolic soils form in coniferous forests. Species of forest flora and organic acids are actively involved in the origin of this type of soil. This type of land is suitable for the growth of coniferous trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants, mosses and lichens.

Podzol Formation Conditions

The podzolic soil type is formed under the following conditions:

  • low air temperatures;
  • wash water mode;
  • low nitrogen content in foliage fallen to the ground;
  • slow activity of microorganisms;
  • acid-forming fungal decomposition;
  • seasonal freezing of soils;
  • fallen leaves form an underlying layer;
  • leaching of acids into the lower layers of the soil.
  • Coniferous forest conditions contribute to the formation of a special type of land podzolic.

    The composition of the podzolic soil

    In general, podzolic soils are an extensive group of soils that have certain features. The soil is made up of several layers. The first is the forest floor, which occupies a level of 3 to 5 centimeters, has a brown tint. This layer contains various organic compounds foliage, pine needles, mosses, animal excrement. The second layer takes from 5 to 10 centimeters, and has a gray-white color. This is a humus-eluvial horizon. The third is the podzolic layer. It is fine-grained, dense, has no clear structure, ash-white color. It lies at the level of 10-20 centimeters. The fourth is the illuvial layer, which is located at a level of 10 to 30 centimeters, has a brown and yellow color, is very dense and without structure. It contains not only humus, but also particles of silt, various oxides. Further lies a layer enriched with humus and another illuvial horizon. This is followed by the soil-forming rock. The shade of the layer depends on the color of this breed. Basically it is yellow-whitish shades.

    Soil of coniferous forests | Soil coniferous forest zone

    In general, the podzol contains about two percent humus, which makes the land not very fertile, but this is enough for the growth of coniferous trees. The low content of useful microelements is explained by the harsh conditions.

    Soil of coniferous forests | Soil coniferous forest zone

    The natural zone of a coniferous forest is characterized by such a type of soil as podzolic soils. It is considered infertile, but is perfect for the growth of larch, fir, pine, cedar, spruce and other evergreen trees. All living organisms of the coniferous forest ecosystem take part in the formation of podzolic soil.

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