Soldering is a photo of an animal, a description of what eats and where it lives

One of the rare and protected animals listed in the Red Book is a solone. These are very miniature, cute and fluffy animals. Despite their harmless appearance, mammals belong to predators and are able to kill an animal that is several times more than themselves. You can meet a representative of the Kunih on the territory of Eurasia, China, and other countries of Asia. There are several varieties of solongoye, which differ among themselves in the color of the fur.

general description

Soldering outwardly very similar to Kunitsa. The dimensions of the animal vary from 21 to 28 cm, the tail of the mammal grows up to 15 cm. The total mass of the animal does not exceed 370 g. Female individuals of this family are a little less than males.

The characteristic features of the solongoye are short paws, a flexible, curved body, fluffy tail, thick and short fur. A pretty creation has some similarities with ferrets. The peculiarity of rare animals is the ability to change fur from summer to winter and vice versa. The color of the hairline can be olive, dark brown and even sandy.

Behavior and nutrition

Soldering is an active animal that is always in motion. Animals are perfectly swim, they are able to run quickly, climb trees, using sharp claws in order to catch on the barrel and branches tightly. Both day and night, mammals are looking for food. In the cold season, the task is significantly complicated, because solongos can break into the dwelling of people and harm stocks and poultry.

As soon as the union feels the danger, he tries to hide in a safe shelter. If this is not there, the animal makes specific sounds resembling a tweeter. In addition, the animal distinguishes an unpleasant odor. Solongos do not build a permanent dwelling, they can choose any place they like to relax.

Animals feed, as a rule, with small field mice, gophers, eggs, frogs, snails, hamsters, rabbits and chicks.

Reproduction of animals

Male saloon furious and dexterous enemy. During the wedding season, male representatives come into contractions with each other and can even kill a competitor. The pregnancy of the female lasts about 50 days. During this period, the future mother is looking for a place for a nest (hole, hollow, an abandoned dwelling). From 1 to 8 puppies, which are born blind and almost naked, is born. For two months, babies feed on mother’s milk, after which they begin to study hunting and independence.

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