Solid utility waste circulation, burial, accumulation, types and composition

The problem of disposal of garbage is global, it covers the whole world. Some states successfully cope with this task, and some simply ignore it (especially in underdeveloped countries). Garbage exists of different varieties and the process of deliverance is very diverse: burning, burial, storage and others. To choose the disposal method, you should correctly distribute the garbage by categories. In our article, solid municipal waste will be considered in our article.

Types who

Solid municipal waste refers to household waste that forms in the process of human life. There is a fairly large list of the existing variety of garbage from various objects:

  • production enterprises;
  • residential farms;
  • shopping complexes;
  • public premises;
  • spoiled food;
  • Garbage from the streets and fallen foliage.
  • All types of waste should be disposed of in various ways so as not to clog the environment and not contribute to the occurrence of various diseases that can be infected from domestic and yard animals, as well as insects.

    The handling of who

    In order to correctly throw garbage, you should know that the following can be sent to garbage containers:

  • waste from wood and plant category;
  • small garbage from the street;
  • food waste;
  • Things from textiles;
  • packaging material.
  • The prohibition is such garbage:

  • waste after repair work;
  • liquid and oil agents;
  • pharmaceutical substances;
  • chemical and toxic waste.
  • Garbage, which falls under the category of ban, should not be thrown into garbage containers, it must be exported and disposed of separately with special services.

    Such simple rules will help to protect the ecosystem and living organisms from the negative effects of the Utilhyr.

    Since 2017, the basic rules are spelled out in Eurasia in the handling of solid municipal waste, which are constantly replenished with all new points. Special regional services are engaged in the removal of such waste. This is an operator who has an appropriate certificate for transportation and disposal of such utillards. Such a company is responsible for a certain section of the territory. The regional operator concludes a special agreement, the term of which ranges from 10 years.

    Disposal who

    The method of disposal who will depend on the type of garbage, something can be burned, but something is not, since there may be a large emission of toxins, which during the precipitation falls on trees and plants. Consider the main ways to combat who.


    This method is more profitable for the state in financial terms, but the harm can do a colossal. Toxins that will be formed during decay, settled in the ground and can fall into groundwater. In addition, large plots of land are used for landfills, they will be lost for life and economic work.

    When a place for a future landfill is selected, the remoteness is taken into account:

  • from residential buildings;
  • from reservoirs;
  • from medical institutions;
  • From tourist zones.
  • It is important to observe a certain remoteness from such objects, as it is worth minimizing the possibility of entering groundwater, as well as the possibility of spontaneous combustion. During decay, garbage produces gas that is easily ignited if it does not pump it out.


    This method allows to significantly reduce the used area used. The only drawback is huge emissions of toxins into the atmosphere. In order to minimize emissions, you need to use special furnaces, and this is not economically profitable, as the country’s budget will pull very much down. If you approach comprehensively, then you can reduce expenses, since a large amount of energy is released when burned, it can be used reasonably heated enterprises or generate electricity.

    In such cases, elimination is often used pyrolysis this is the thermal decomposition of garbage without using air.


    This refers to the decomposition of garbage, this species is appropriate only with the organic type of waste. Using microorganisms, waste is processed and used to fertilize the soil. With this method of disposal, the territory is selected with the withdrawal of the released moisture.

    Composting makes it possible to get rid of the benefit of the environment from a large amount of garbage.

    In order to correctly get rid of waste, special containers for sorting are needed, which are not always and not everywhere, and this greatly complicates the collection of garbage.

    Recycling recyclables

    Properly sorted recyclables makes it possible to secondary use, after remelting or processing:

  • plastic products;
  • glass items;
  • paper products;
  • hardware;
  • wood product;
  • broken electronic devices;
  • oil product.
  • This type of recycling is very beneficial, but requires large costs for sorting used products, as well as the appropriate education of a person. To throw out the garbage not where closer, but where he is allocated to a special place.

    The future depends on us so that our children breathe clean air with full breasts, now you should fight garbage.

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