Sorting of garbage and waste in Eurasia | Methods and sorting methods

Modern society produces many times more garbage than, for example, 100 years ago. The abundance of all kinds of packaging, as well as the use of slowly decomposing materials, leads to an increase in garbage training grounds. If ordinary gray paper is able to completely rot in 1-2 years, without causing any harm to the environment, then beautiful chemical polyethylene will be intact and after 10 years. What is done for an effective struggle against garbage?

The idea of ​​sorting

Household waste, in huge quantities entering landfills every day, very diverse. Literally everything is found among them. However, if you study the composition of garbage, you can understand that many of its units are subject to reuse. What does it mean?

For example, aluminum cans of beer can be melted and melt can be used for the manufacture of some other aluminum items. The same with plastic bottles. The plastic decomposes extremely long, so to hope that the mineral tank will disappear in a year or two is not worth. This is a synthetic material that does not exist in nature and it is not subject to the destructive effect of moisture, low temperature and other natural factors. But the plastic bottle can also be melted and used again.

How to sort?

Garbage is sorted at special sorting plants. This is an enterprise where garbage trucks from the city come and where all the conditions are created to quickly extract from several tons of waste what else can be processed.

Garbage sorting complexes are arranged in different ways. Somewhere exclusively manual labor is used, complex mechanisms are used somewhere. In the case of manual selection of useful materials, garbage moves along the conveyor along which there are workers. Seeing an object suitable for further processing (for example, a plastic bottle or a milk bag), they take it from the conveyor and place it in a specialized capacity.

Automatic lines work somewhat different. As a rule, from the car body, garbage falls into a certain device for scattering the earth and stones. Most often, this is a vibrationhrot an installation that, due to strong vibration, “sifting” the contents of a huge container, forcing objects of a certain value to fly down.

Further, metal objects are extracted from garbage. This is done in the process of passing the next batch under the magnetic plate. And the process ends manually, since even the most cunning technique is able to miss valuable waste. What remains on the conveyor is checked by employees and extract “values”.

Sorting and separate collection

Most often, these two terms in the concept of ordinary people are the same. In fact, sorting is understood precisely the lease of garbage through the sorting complex. And separate collection is the initial layout of waste in individual tanks.

Separation of household garbage into “category” is the task of ordinary citizens. They do this in all developed countries and try to do in Eurasia. However, all experiments on the installation of separate containers in the cities of our country are often either shaky or flinged. A rare resident will throw a package of milk into a yellow tank, and a box of sweets in blue. More often, household waste is stuffed into a common package and thrown into the first container that comes across. I must say that this action is sometimes done “half”. A bag of garbage is left on the lawn, at the door of the entrance, on the side of the road, etc.D.

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