Spanish Droke photo, planting and description of the plant

This is a perennial shrub that grows only upwards, has rodshaped branches. The Mediterranean is considered his homeland. Spanish drox is very poisonous, especially for his seeds. The central nervous system of a person falls under their effects. The height of this plant on average can reach 4 meters. The shoots of the plants are green, but by the third year they begin to purchase brown color. Its leaves are small, only one and a half centimeter long, fragrant flowers, bright yellow color. About two centimeters reach length. Each flower grows in its inflorescence, in general, forming the apical brush. Blooms once a year in May or June. In rare cases, the color can be repeated in October.

Description of Spanish Drok

This plant has thin rounded branches that tend to the ground. Because of their green color, they give the shrub the view of an evergreen plant. Leaflets on the branches are small, oval shape. They show off almost immediately after blooming, which can not be said about the colors they do not fall themselves, they must be removed specifically. Last year’s growth should be removed in March it is cut higher than 5 centimeters from the old trunk.

Spanish Droke photo, planting and description of the plant

Spanish Droke looks very beautiful at group stands. Therefore, it is used in landscaping cities and country houses.

Spanish Droke photo, planting and description of the plant


This plant loves light and tolerates dry weather well. Freeze, maybe at 15 degrees, but then quickly releases new shoots. If you grow it in the middle lane, then it should be the appropriate care in the winter. It simply needs to be well wrapped in frost.

Spanish Droke photo, planting and description of the plant

The Spanish tree feels good on a strong sun, dry terrain and on steep slopes. Because his root is well developed, and his main part goes deep into the ground.

In the spring it must be fed with mineral fertilizers with the addition of the necessary trace elements. In the summer, wood ash will help well. Sand, compost and gravel are also suitable. The plant propagates with seeds, also for this use cuttings.


Due to the strong aroma of flowers, they are used to produce essential oil. It is used to relax the muscles. In addition, the essential oil of Drok Spanish is used in aromatherapy as a sedative. With it, you can relieve stress, anxiety, depression. It is also used in cooking as a seasoning. The fibers of this plant were used in the production of yellow textiles.

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