Sparassis curly from the Red Book photo and description

Sparassis curly, can also be known as mushroom cabbage. It is considered an edible mushroom related to the family of Sparassis. It is a parasite provoking the appearance of reddish rot on the trees it is often localized on the roots.

Where it grows

Widely distributed in the northern hemisphere, in particular:

  • Russia, in particular, Primorsky Territory;
  • North Caucasus;
  • Baltic states;
  • Belarus and Ukraine;
  • Georgia;
  • Asia and America;
  • Western Europe.
  • Such a parasitic mushroom often grows alone, only in isolated cases forms small groups. It can be found from August to October inclusive. In addition to the barrel, fresh stumps can affect, but only coniferous plants. The mushroom provokes the occurrence of red rot, which destroys the trunks and roots of the trees. This leads to the fact that the wood is cracking, and in the formed cracks there is an accumulation of a mushroom mushroom.

    Sparassis curly from the Red Book photo and description

    Features of curly sparsis

    The described mushroom has such external features:

  • a busy fruit body, often having a rounded shape. The height is up to 20 centimeters, and the diameter does not exceed 60 centimeters. It includes a large number of twisting branches, which are also called blades they have antics on both sides;
  • Flat blades they are quite wide up to 30 millimeters, and in thickness 80 millimeters. Their edges can be wavy or dissected. Outwardly the head of such a mushroom resembles cauliflower. As for the shade, it changes with the age of the individual. So in young mushrooms a white color is muriated, then they become yellow, and the color of the old individuals brown;
  • white and dense pulp, with a specific smell, and taste a nut;
  • smooth or rough, but in any case, a waxy hymenopher;
  • Fat leg its diameter can reach 5 centimeters. It is almost completely immersed in the ground, which is why it is barely noticeable, while its length is 5-13 centimeters;
  • white or yellow spore powder, less often it is ocher or orange.
  • This mushroom is edible for a person, but before use it must be carefully cleaned. The Gorky taste is talking about the old age of the mushroom.

    Sparassis curly from the Red Book photo and description

    Curly sparsis is widely used in medicine, as it reduces the concentration of blood sugar, has an antimicrobial and antibacterial property. It can also normalize blood pressure, normalizes the liver, prevents the development of depression and insomnia. Prevents hormonal disorder and strengthens the immunity.

    Sparassis curly from the Red Book photo and description
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