Sparrow Sych photo and description of the bird, red book, voice, how it looks and what it eats


One of the smallest representatives of the Council. In size, this species does not exceed 20 centimeters in length, but weighs only 80 grams. The bird is no more than a sparrow, which is why it was called the “Sparrow”. The pride of the sparrows are wings, the size of which in the scope does not exceed 25 centimeters. The head of the bird is round without habitual for the family of owl feathers. Feathers on the facial disk of gray color with small brown spots. Bright yellow eye shell. Frame white eyebrows and brown ring circles. Among the feathers, the yellow beak stands out. Thick feathers on the paws.

In general, the color of the plumage of the sparrow owl is gray-brown, mainly gray. There are representatives with dark brown feathers. At the base of the neck of the sparrow owl there is a dark spot with small white dots. Have sparrowed owls with very sharp hearing.

Subspecies of sparrows and their habitat

Sparrow Sych has several subspecies. The subspecies of this bird are distinguished by external signs and the habitat. Consider the main ones:

  • California sparrow Sych-Gnu. This subspecies is popular in British Colombia and California. The population of California Sichi is also found in the south of Alaska and in the north of Mexico. By external signs, it does not differ from the usual sparrow.
  • Kapsky sparrow owl. This representative is the largest of the sparrows. Body size in length is 20 centimeters. This subspecies is widespread on the territory of Africa: Angola, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and the Congo.
  • Bookwood. The difference between this subspecies is its name. A small owl up to 19 centimeters has a bright brown color of the wings. Popular in the tropical forests of Sri Lanka.
  • Sparrow Sych-Gnu. The species is common in mountain mexico. In size can reach a maximum of 17 centimeters of length. Dark brown color with spots.
  • Tiny sparrowed owl. Rightfully the smallest representative of the species. The size of the body in length ranges from 12 to 14 centimeters. Red-brown-brown color with small white intersperses. Settled this subspecies the territory of Mexico, Brazil and Argentina.
  • Food

    Because of its modest dimensions, this type of Sichi cannot hunt large game. As food, these small representatives mines hamsters, rats, fields and lemmings. The most delicious part for sparrows is the brain and eyes of the victim.

    During the cold period, sparrows feed on feed reserves that they prepared in the summer season. In the absence of small mammals, the sparrows do not disdain insects.

    Due to high popularity, sparrows are far away from decorative pets. In captivity, these birds are happy to eat various fruits of vegetables and fruits.


    Sparrows monogamous representatives. Create pairs for a very long period. The wedding season dates back with the arrival of spring. During this period, bachelors are looking for a suitable pair to create offspring. In order to attract females, males begin to make sounds similar to singing. The wedding season lasts until May. During this period, males in search of suitable nests. As a rule, they use the old nests of other birds. This species is strongly tied to the selected territory and does not leave it for several years. If the female approved the proposal, then he and the male together begin to equip nests for the hatching of offspring.

    The chicks of the sparrow

    Usually the female puts off no more than 7 eggs. During the hatching, the male mines and feeds the female every few hours. The period of incubation lasts in the region of 29 days, after which tiny chicks are born. They spend the first 10 days of life under the protection of their mother. The male is still engaged in the extraction of food, but now not only for the female, but for all offspring. The chicks are ready to leave nests at the age of one month.

    The voice of the sparrow of the owl

    In addition to its small dimensions, the sparrow owl has a unique voice. This voice is very reminiscent of a sparrow whistling tweet. The song of the sparrow owl is very sonorous and loud.

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