Spinfaches a plant in Australia | Photos and description

Australian continent is famous for unique plants and animals. There are also unusual landscapes here. For example, in the very center of Australia there is a large desert. Almost any plants are growing here, except spinfect.

What is a spinfect?

This plant is a very rigid and thorny grass that in an adult state turns into a semblance of a ball. From a distance, spinflower thickets can be mistaken for huge green “hedgehogs”, curled up with balls on the lifeless landscape of the Australian desert.

This grass does not require fertile soil, so it is a plant that determines the appearance of the local places. During the flowering period, the spinfect is covered with spherical inflorescences, which are structures the size of an apple. Flying, these “balls” turn into a storage of seeds.

Propagation of the plant occurs by moving the seed “balls” by the wind. The ball breaks off the bush, falls to the ground and, bouncing on long thorns, rolls into the distance. He is very light and quickly heads in the direction where the wind blows. On the way, seeds are actively spilled out from the ball, which can be discarded by a new plant next year.

Range of growth

Spinflower in a huge amount grows in the desert of Australia. This is a large part of the continent, which is practically not suitable for life. There are many thorns, sand and practically no fertile soil.

But the area of ​​the growth of the plant is not limited to the sands of the Australian desert. Spinfaches can also be found along the coast. Here it is no different from the desert: the same “hedgehogs” rolled into a ball. During the maturation of this grass, some coastal territories of the Australian continent are densely covered with rolled thorny fruits.

The use of spinflows

This plant is not used by a person. It is not even fodder, since not a single animal living in Australia can chew it. However, spinfect is still eaten and even used as a building material.

The only living creatures that can cope with hard barbed grass are termites. There are a lot of them in the Australian desert and spinfect serves as one of the types of food. Termites are able to chew hard leaves, then digest and build homes from the resulting substance. Digested grass freezes like clay, so that the peculiar termites are obtained. They are complex multistorey constructions, characterized by high strength and special internal microclimate.

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