Spotted marsupial marten

Spotted marsuponer (lat. Dasyurus) representatives of the family of marsupials, which is understandable from the name. Belong to the class of mammals and detachment of predatory. They also have a second name-marsupial cats, because in their appearance they are something between cats and martens. In fact, there are about six types of these animals, and they differ in habitat, mating, coloring and some other external signs.


Small in size: 30-80 centimeters body length, about fifty centimeters tail and weight up to five kilograms. Males are often more than females. On the body of the martens is short, but soft and pleasant to the touch, and longer hairs are located on the tail. The color varies from the habitat, but usually includes the presence of numerous white spots. Females have 6-8 nipples. The bag in which offspring is carried is presented in the form of folds on the stomach, when the period of mating has not yet begun. And only during the propagation opens to accommodate offspring there. Has developed fangs and teeth.

Where they live

The marsupials do not have any specific natural area, they endure the climate of plains and forests without any problems, so they often migrate. If we take into account the regions, then Australia, New Guinea and Tasmania are considered the main habitat. Often they are awake at night, because they fear predators during the day. If the animal had to leave their place of residence when the larger animals have not yet fallen asleep, they hide inside the caves and among the stones.

What they eat

Kunits predators, even the name of the detachment reads this. They are carnivorous and, despite their small size, feed on other mammals, which in their size have gone near the rabbit. In their diet there are often birds, amphibians, fish, mollusks, insects, and many other inhabitants of fauna. With severe hunger, they do not disdain to eat carrion or fruits that do not really love.

Due to the colonization of the regions in which they live, they had to eat views imported from Europe. In addition, the number of martens fell because of their love for vegetables, which they often steal from the farms and die at the hands of their owners.

Natural enemies

On the plains do not have any certain enemies, although they fear large animals. In forests, the probability of death from attack rises: representatives of the Fox and Wolves family often hunt for martens, as well as leopards, wolverines and some air predators. It is with these animals that small marsupials have to fight for prey.

Also, when this mammals go out of the forests on a watering house, snakes and crocodiles can be caught by it.

Interesting Facts

  1. Pregnancy is short in duration and after two weeks cubs appear, and in large quantities up to thirty individuals. Their weight is less than a gram, they are all in a bag and fodder for ten weeks.
  2. A bag in which the first time of life lives the offspring of this animal, differs from others: it disappears, leaving only folds in its place, and appears only during mating.
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