Standards and environmental quality assessment

Various types of monitoring are used to assess the environment. This allows you to determine the quality of not only individual ecosystems, but also the biosphere as a whole, namely the natural environment. For this, the state of various shells of the earth is studied in terms of changes in metabolic processes between people and nature, the reproduction of life on the planet and the self-purification of the environment from all kinds of pollution. All this is carried out within the framework of natural cycles.

Normative qualities of the natural environment

In order to investigate the state of the environment, it is necessary to develop certain legal and technical quality standards, scientific standards, according to which certain permissible indicators are established, according to which people affect the ecology and the environment in general. For these standards in Eurasia, the following requirements are imposed:

  • conservation of the genetic fund;
  • environmental safety for people;
  • rational use of natural resources;
  • anthropogenic activities within the framework of environmental safety.
  • All these requirements allow the population to carry out economic activities, minimizing the destruction and pollution of the environment. As a result, normative qualities are a kind of compromise between people and nature. They do not have full legal force, but are mandatory for application and observance. Technical and economic standards for the quality of the natural environment are issued in the form of recommendations, which are especially used in various institutions, ministries, industrial facilities, scientific and laboratory organizations. For them, environmental quality standards are mandatory.

    Standards and environmental quality assessment

    Types of normative qualities of nature

    All standards and qualities of the habitat can be divided into the following groups:

    Standards and environmental quality assessment
  • industrial and economic regulate the activities of various enterprises in order to reduce their impact on the environment;
  • complex must be observed at all levels of the activity of the population;
  • sanitary and hygienic regulate the permissible amount of harmful substances that have entered the biosphere, and the level of physical impact.
  • Thus, the quality of the environment and the state of the earth’s biosphere are regulated by special standards. Despite the fact that they do not have significant legal force, they are nevertheless required to be observed by various enterprises and organizations in order to prevent excessive anthropogenic impact on nature.

    Standards and environmental quality assessment
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