Stone marten (white house) photo and description of the animal

One of the most funny and graceful mammals is a stone marten. Another name of the animal is the white crude. It is this type of marten that does not fear a person and is not afraid to be next to people. With its behavior and character traits, Kunya resembles a squirrel, although it is a kind of forest marten. The animal can be found in the park, in the attic of the house, in the barn where the poultry is located. There was no certain habitat of stone marten, since the mammal can be found on the territory of almost any country.

Description and behavior

Miniature animals resemble a small cat in size. A marten can grow up to 56 cm with a body weight of not more than 2.5 kg. The length of the tail reaches 35 cm. The features of the mammal are a short triangular muzzle, large ears of an unusual shape, the presence of a characteristic light spot on the chest. The extraordinary color is bifurcated closer to the paws. In general, the animal has a light, brownish-firing color. Legs and tail are usually dark.

Stone marten belongs to animals leading a night lifestyle. Animals prefer to substantiate in abandoned burrows, as they do not engage in the construction of shelters on their own. Mammals are covered with grass, feathers, and even pieces of fabric (if they live near settlements). In the wild, stone martens live in caves, crevices, piles of boulders or stones, roots of trees.

White another curious and insidious animals that love to tease dogs and hooligan away.


Kunits are loners. They carefully mark their territory and aggressively belong to uninvited guests. At the end of spring, the marriage period begins, which can last until autumn. The male does not show sympathy, so the female takes all courtship. Kunits have a unique ability “preserve sperm”. That is, after intercourse, the female may not get pregnant for even more than six months. Bearing cubs lasts only one month, after which 2-4 babies are born. Young mother feeds children with milk 2-2.5 months, while the animals are completely weak.

Baby stone marten

After 4-5 months, young martens turn into independent, adult individuals.


Stone marten is a predatory animal, because meat should always be present in the diet. The treats of the animal are frogs, rodents, birds, as well as fruits, nuts, berries, roots of herbs and eggs.

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