Subtle pig (barn mushroom) photo and description, poisonous, where it grows and how it looks like

Mushroom thin pig (mushroom barn) (lat. PAXILLUS InVULUTUS) belonged to edible views until 1981. Then, after prolonged chemical and toxicological studies, scientists ranked it to the category of poisonous mushrooms, but many mushroom pickers do not agree with this and still continue to collect thin pig along with edible mushrooms.

Description of a thin pig

Subtle pig is represented by a hat and a leg. The hat reaches the diameter in the range from 12 to 15 centimeters. In young mushrooms, the hat has a convex spherical shape, which is straightened with age. A small fossa is located in the center of the hat. The edges of the hat wrapped with velvety edging. Mature mushrooms are covered with brown skin, and young olive. Hat texture fibrous and fluffy touch. The pulp has a yellowish tint. Differs loose and has no noticeable smell and taste. When cutting, the color becomes darker. The plates under the hat are stained in yellow and are rare.

The leg of the hat reaches no more than 9 centimeters in height with a diameter of up to 1.5 centimeters. The form is cylindrical and narrows down. The texture is quite dense.

The territory of distribution

You can meet a thin pig on the territory of coniferous or deciduous forests. They prefer to grow in young birch trees, shrubs and oaks. Are also found on the outskirts of swamps and ravines. Actively grow in moist soil, as a rule, in groups. The fruiting period lasts from June to October.


Most scientific publications approve the presence of dangerous poisons in the composition of the thin pig. In particular, such poison as muscarin. Most poisons are not fatal, but can accumulate in the human body, leading to negative consequences. If you decide to cook this mushroom, then it should be very carefully treated. Many mushroom pickers do salting, as well as dry and pickle thin pigs. However, you should not eat it for food.

An important negative property of this fungus is its ability to strongly absorb a large amount of chemicals, radioisotopes, heavy metals. Especially if the mushroom grows next to the road, it will be filled with a large number of various dangerous and toxic substances.

Poisoning with a thin pig

Frequent use of thin pig in food leads to the development of serious poisoning. The first signs occur already 30 minutes after eating this mushroom for food. Muscarine syndrome occurs, which is accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • Strong salivation;
  • Increased sweating;
  • Dizziness and lethargy;
  • Sharp fall in blood pressure;
  • Reducing the pulse.
  • In parallel with these symptoms, vomiting and diarrhea may appear in the future. If you are faced with the above symptoms, then you must urgently contact an ambulance. A large amount of poison can lead to death when the edema of the brain and lung tissue develops. It is best to abandon the use of thin pigs, because in the mushroom kingdom there are a lot of useful and edible mushrooms with excellent taste.

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