Subtropic climatic belt precipitation, air masses, characteristics

Subtropic belts are located on the southern and northern hemisphere of the planet. Subtropics lie between moderate and tropical climatic zones. The subtropical zone has the alternation of seasonal rhythms, depending on the influence of air masses. Passets circulate in summer, and in winter the air flows of moderate latitudes affect. Mussonny winds dominate the outskirts.

average temperature

If we talk about the temperature regime, then the average summer temperature is +20 degrees Celsius. In winter, the temperature is about 0 degrees, but under the influence of cold air masses, the temperature can drop to10 degrees. The amount of precipitation in the coastal areas and in the central part of the continents differ.

In the zone of subtropics, weather conditions are unequal. There are three types of subtropical climate. Mediterranean or Priokean is characterized by a humid winter with a large amount of precipitation. With continental climate, the humidity level is not high for the whole year. Priokean monsoon climate is warm and humid summer.

In the priocanic zone, semidry subtropics dominate, with hardleaved forests. In the northern hemisphere there are subtropical steppes, as well as deserts and semideserts, where insufficient moisture, namely in the center of the mainland. In the southern hemisphere, there are also steppes that are replaced by broadleaved forests. In the mountainous areas there are forest and foreststeppe zones.

Summer and winter

Seasons in the subtropical zone have pronounced signs. Summer in the Northern Hemisphere lasts from June to August. In the southern hemisphere, the opposite is true: the warm season the climatic summer lasts from December to February. The summer period here is hot, dry and precipitation. At this time, tropical air flows circulate here. In winter, a large amount of precipitation falls in the subtropics, the temperature decreases, but does not drop below 0 degrees. During this period, moderate air flows dominate.


In general, the subtropical belt is favorable for the living and life of people. There are warm and cold seasons here, but always weather conditions are quite comfortable, without excessive heat or severe frosts. The subtropical belt is transitional, and is under the influence of various air masses. The change of seasons, the amount of precipitation and the temperature regime depends on them. There are some differences in the southern and northern subtropics.

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