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This predator differs from other tigers with a small physique. The color of the animal is usually orange or brown with a red tint. There are wide strips on the body, sometimes they merge. There are more of them on the body of predators than other representatives of the genus.

There are strips on the powerful limbs of the tiger too. The hind legs are long, because predators can jump at a distance of 1 to 10 m. There are only 4 fingers on the front limbs, on the hind limbs 5. Fingers are interconnected. Tiger claws are retracted, their length is about 10 cm.

Bacenbards of males who protect tigers from prickly branches during hunting are located on the neck. Predators need a tail for balancing during the pursuit of prey, with the help of this part of the body, the tigers quickly change the movement vector. Tiger’s tail also expresses its emotions.

The Sumatran tiger has 30 teeth, each length is about 9 cm. With the help of these “daggers”, the predator bites the skin of prey in seconds. The pressure on the body of the animal is 450 kg. The eyes of predators are large, oval pupil. The rainbow shell is yellow, in albinos it is painted in blue. It is interesting that the tigers see the world in color.

The length of the male body varies from 2, 2 to 2, 7 m. In females, this indicator is in the range between 1, 8 and 2, 2 m. Males weigh more females about 130 kg. The weight of the female sex varies from 70 to 90 kg. Predator tail length 1 m.

Where it lives

This dangerous predator inhabits about. Sumatra. Tigers occupy not only the jungle, but also coastal forests, savannahs, swamps and mountainous areas. Tigers rest in mangroves. Despite all this, the habitat is not enough for tigers. This negatively affects an increase in animal population. The range with time shifted and began to be almost in the center of the island, because now it is much more difficult to hunt tigers.

Sumatran tigers more often choose a territory with thick vegetation and an abundance of shelters. These predators also need a reliable water source. They do not like to settle next to people, since they are afraid of them. Therefore, these tigers can be found no lower than at an altitude of 2,600 m. People meet predators mainly in mountain forests.

What eats

Sumatran tigers do not sit for hours in ambush. Of course, they are watching the victim, but not for long. After this stage, tigers begin to slowly proceed to the attack. These predators can pursue prey for hours, they are able to overcome absolutely any obstacles on the way.

If the tiger has gained weighty and juicy prey, it can stretch the pleasure and enjoy it for several days. A predator usually share a dinner with females or even relatives of your gender. On the 1st day the tiger needs about 6 kg of meat. If the animal has been starving for a long time, then even 8 kg will be not enough.

Sumatran tigers never miss a chance to eat any animal, but prefer to eat wild boars, rabbits and porcupines, crocodiles and bears, monkeys. They eat for food and meat badger, fish. These tigers love to hunt for prey weighing more than a centner.

In captivity, tigers feed on both fish and poultry meat. Mineral complexes are added to the food of predators.


Tigers can mate all year. Estrus in female individuals lasts from 3 to 6 days. At this time, males are trying to attract females with a loud rava. This sound spreads several kilometers. The smell of freshly smashed prey also helps to achieve attention.

Males often come into a fight with opponents. During the battle, the wool seems to stand on end, the tigers growl. They stand on the hind limbs and strike at the enemy’s face. The fight ends only with a recognition of the defeat of one of the tigers.

If a tigress chooses some male, they almost immediately begin to “lead a joint life”, go hunting together. All this continues until the female becomes pregnant. Males of this species are very attentive and caring fathers and do not leave the female before childbirth. Then the tiger teaches everything to the tiger and leaves them when the help is no longer needed on the hunt. The tiger returns again when the female has an estrus again.

The cub of the Sumatran tiger

Females become sexually mature already at 3 or 4 years old. Males are a year later. Mothers bear children for about 100 days. About 3 kittens are usually born, but their number can reach 6. When the kittens are born, they weigh somewhere around 900 g. The cubs open their eyes only on the 10th day of life.

The cubs eat only mother’s milk for a couple of months, after she begins to feed them with meat. By 6 months, the tigers are already actively going hunting with their mother. By one and a half year old age they can find prey on their own.


This species has been on the verge of disappearance for many years. Sumatran tigers are included in the red list of MSOP.

Currently, the population consists of 600 individuals. But every year the situation deteriorates due to dexterity, which is the result of the creation of logging and increasing the production of palm oil. The range has narrowed almost 10,000 km over the past 15 years.


At the moment, the rescue of the species is being engaged in the center of salvation of tigers (CST) in the lampung province. The reserve is located in the south about. Sumatra. Another reserve preserving is on about. Bet.

In Indonesia, the murder of a predator is prohibited, for this act a criminal will have to pay $ 7,000 or sit for bars for 5 years.

Interesting Facts

  • Tigers ears have white spots that look like eyes. This protects predators from those who want to attack them from behind;
  • In the language of the Sumatran tigers there are tubercles that separate the meat from bones;
  • Each individual has its own territory. Females usually live in groups. Sections of such small groups occupy from 30 to 65 km2 . In males, this indicator is 2 times higher. Moreover, males never live with representatives of their gender;
  • Tigers communicate with each other with exhalations. Exhale tigers through the nose. These animals express their mood and communicate when they rub on each other by muzzles;
  • Natural enemies of tigers crocodiles and bears;
  • Recently in China, the remains of tigers were found 2 million years old.
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