Summer Open photo and description of the mushroom, what looks, dangerous doubles, how to distinguish

Summer Wrap (Kuehneromyces Mutabilis) is a saprobic mushroom, fruiting in large clusters on a dead or felled deciduous breed of trees. Sometimes, it seems, multicolored small honey mushrooms grow directly on the forest soil, but under a layer of leaves and branches, buried wood is necessarily detected.

Time for collecting summer mushrooms

These mushrooms bear fruit all year round, and there is no certain time to collect fruit bodies.


A brown hat in a humid state and becomes closer to the center of a dark yellow in dry weather conditions, which offers the effect of two color of the mushroom. A convex hat with age becomes flattened with a wide umbrella (hill). The dialect of the hat reaches 3-8 cm in width and her flesh is thin.

The gills are frequent, widely attached to the leg, first have a cream color and become slightly peach with age.

The pulp is pale yellowish-brown, the color does not change.

Leg with a diameter of 0.5-1 cm, 3-8 cm high and usually curved. It has a ring (or skirt), usually flared, and it is painted brown from above when disputes are dumped. Above the ring the color of the stem is cream. Below the ring it darkens towards the base to a dark brown shade. Flesh under the scaly ring, white-gray scales. The smell is pleasant and fragrant.

The color is dark orange-brown. Disputes are wide, ellipsoidal, smooth 5.5-7.5 x 4-5 μm, with apical germinal pores.

Doubles of the Open Summer

You can easily confuse it with a deadly poisonous type of gallery gallery. There are small differences, but by inexperience it is easy to confuse edible and poisonous mushroom.

Galerina bordered (Galerina marginata)

Galerina bordered prefers coniferous trees, but settles on deciduous. The double:

  • a more silky base of the knife;
  • The smell is powdery;
  • dries and changes color from the edge of the hat to the center, and not from the center.
  • Summer tuft this mushroom is absolutely intended for assembly only experienced mushrooms.

    Not poisonous doubles

    Winter mudfront (Flammulina Velutipes) has a darker, velvety leg and leaves a white controversial imprint.


    Makova Hypholoma (Hypholoma Capnoides), the mushroom has a smooth leg. Grabs when damaged become grayish-or purple-brown.

    Hypholoma is poppy

    Use in food

    Consume only after cooking. The taste of summer honey mushrooms is rich, resembles meat, but the aroma is sweetish. Most authoritative sources claim that this is a pretty good edible mushroom, provided that hard fibrous stems are thrown out. But only very experienced mushroom collectors will be able to distinguish between summer honey mushrooms from a poisonous double. Therefore, this mushroom is a view “only to find, but not to cook”.

    Use in medicine

    The study showed that summer mushrooms have antiviral activity against flu causative agents. In the laboratory, it was found that extracts inhibit the growth of certain types of cancer.

    Environmental role of summer mushrooms

    They provide food for the larvae of some species of flies. Therefore, not mature, but young specimens that have not yet suffered from insects are collected for food.

    What to do if it is scary to collect summer honey agarics in the forest, but I liked the taste of the mushroom? The easiest way out is to grow mushrooms on a personal plot. A little effort and labor will be required to create a condition they find rotting wood under forest garbage, and they find on sale a mushroom mushrooms of a summer mudfront.

    It is not recommended to collect disputes from forest samples, because again, it is easy to make a mistake and populate a home clearing with poisonous mushrooms for summer mushrooms of mushrooms.

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