Swamp owl from the Red Book photos and description, interesting facts, voice

A predatory bird called a swamp owl is considered a symbol of wisdom since ancient times. Even on some Greek coins you can find her image. It attracts attention with its mystery, piercing gaze and interesting sounds. Represents the genus of the eared owls of the detachment Sovoid.


Owls — These are predatory birds that have about 220 species. Swamp owl is a small representative with the size of the body in the interval of 34 to 42 centimeters with a weight of up to 390 grams. Females weigh up to 430 grams. Wings are quite long brownish. The bird itself has a body color from grayish to reddish-brown. The beak is sharp and painted in black. The color of the eyes is yellow. Small vertical beams made of feathers flaunt on the head of owls.


The habitat of the swamp owl extends on almost all continents of the Earth, with the exception of Australia and Antarctic. As a habitat, swamps with brackish water, plain areas, coniferous forests, fields and steppes prefer the habitat. Some representatives are found in the mountains, on agricultural land and parks. Lives mainly in open spaces.


The main diet of swamp owl consists of various small rodents, namely mice, lemmings, flights, rats and hamsters. They can also eat larger representatives of mammals, for example, rabbits, shrews, birds, bats. Swamp owls do not disdain and various insects. Prefer to eat grasshoppers, caterpillars and beetles. Species that live near ponds can eat fish.

Hunting regardless of the time of day. In search of potential foods, they begin to fly low over open areas. When looking for prey from a height, they begin to abruptly attack, clinging to the victim wool claws.


The average life expectancy of swamp owls in the wild reaches 13 years. The nesting period begins with the advent of spring, after the arrangement of summer nests. Place for the nest do not change. The intensity of reproduction is determined by a sufficient amount of food. If there are very few foods, then many individuals of swamp owls may not even enter into the process of reproduction. As a rule, males become sexually mature at the age of one year. Attract the female with their bizarre flights and the use of a drum fraction. The male feeds the female and constantly circles nearby.

The chicks of the swamp owl

After direct reproduction, the female lays about 6 eggs from diameters up to 33 millimeters and weighing only 20 grams. The incubation process lasts 21 days. The male is responsible for food.

The chicks are born completely fragile. Within a week they gain vision and hearing, and also begin to grow in fluff. About 18 days, small swamp owls live in the nest of parents. After this period, they begin to leave the nests, but are held next to the parents who feed them. Louds are growing extremely fast. Literally in one day they gain 15 grams of weight. After several months, owls are trained in hunting and begin an independent life.

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