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The swamp is essentially a piece of land with high humidity. There are many swamps on the territory of Eurasia, which scare people nearby living with them, and lead to horror to tourists. Not at all surprising, because ominous areas not only look unpleasant, but can also leave an indelible mark on the soul. It has long been believed that the swamp is a source of evil spirits in which the devil. In this regard, many different fairy tales and legends were created. But there are beautiful areas, which are recommended to visit all lovers of unusual nature.

The location of the swamps

Most of our country is saturated with swamp plots. This is an element of the landscape, which is not always as harmless as it might seem at first glance. Some swamps are not passable, while others are sucked, and it is almost impossible to get out of them, others mysteriously healed, from which the heart freezes with fear.

As a rule, such areas spread on plains of a flat nature, having superpower moisturizing. The largest number of swamps are concentrated in the central part of the country, as well as in the north of the European part. Each landscape is rich in peat, which can be used as fuel or fertilizer. Drinking swamp plots, people erect fertile agricultural lands in their place.

The most swampy pools of the country

The swamps are distributed throughout Eurasia, but the largest number of them is in the Vasyugan rivers 70%, Onega and Ob 25%each, Pechora 20.3%, Ussuri 20%, Neva 12.4%. Also, swampy terrain is observed on the rivers Mezen, Amur, Dnieper, Western Dvina and other water pools. Nevertheless, swamp plots are natural filters that delay all the garbage and dirt entering rivers and lakes from the slopes of river valleys.

List of unique swamps of Eurasia

Some swamps, seeing once, cannot be forgotten never. There is a rating of the most beautiful, frightening and mysterious swamps of Eurasia:

Staroselsky moss

Staroselsky moss located at a distance of 330 km from Moscow. This is a magnificent place that allows you to see a real taiga. Tourists can visit tours of the swamp and climb a special tower.

Sestroretskoy swamp

Sestroretskoy swamp-the site is located in the resort zone of St. Petersburg, is divided into two parts of the river sister.

Mshinsky Swamp

Mshinsky Swamp is the most visited place in which you can take excellent photos of extraordinary birds and animals, as well as tourists can visit the proposed excursions on hardtoreach and interesting paths.

Rdey swamp

Rdey swamp occupies 37 thousand. ha of land.

Vasyugan swamps

Vasyugansky swamps the largest swamps in the world (53 thousand. km²). They look great from a bird’s eye view.

No less popular and unique are the Great, Evtrophny, Tyuguryuk, Elderkovskoye and “Crane Homeland” swamps. Some of the sites are surrounded by mountains, others are famous for the accumulation of gray cranes.

The swamps of Eurasia occupy an impressive part of the country’s area, but this does not prevent them from delighting inquisitive tourists and serve as a source of fuel and fertilizers.

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