Sweeped Press a photo and description, where it lives and what it eats

A bird with a long, heavy beak and a thick neck. This is a bark with a pronounced red neck, white chin and cheeks. The tribal plumage of the body is dark, the “crown” is black. Young animals and adults outside the marriage period of grayish-brown color.


Sweeter Presses are found in different places at different times of the year. In summer, nests on large freshwater lakes, sumps and reservoirs, prefers areas with a stable level of water and needs vegetation, for which floating nests fixes. In winter it occurs in salt water, more often in protected bays, swamps and coasts. However, in winter it also flies a few miles from the shore.

What is the grayhaired puzzle eat

In winter, the fish is most of the diet. In summer, birds hunt insects an important source of food in the warm season.

Reproduction of pollutions in nature

Grayer Pitanes build nests in shallow water with marsh vegetation. The male and females jointly collect a floating nest of plant material and fixed on the nascent vegetation. As a rule, the female lays two or four eggs. Some nests are much larger than eggs, but ornithologists suggest that these masonry leaves more. Young animals are fed by both parents, and the chicks ride on the backs until they rise into the air, although after the birth they can swim on their own, but do not do this.


Outside the reproduction period, the grave of the guesses, as a rule, behave quietly and meet one by one or in small groups that are not stable in number of members. In the nesting season, the couple perform complex, noisy courtship rituals and aggressively protect the territory against other species of waterfowl.

Interesting Facts

  1. Sweetshafts in the northern regions winter, but single birds flew to the Bermuda and Hawaiian islands.
  2. Like other films, Sweethery absorbs her own feathers. In the stomach, ornithologists found two masses (balls) of feathers, and their function is unknown. One of the hypotheses suggests that the feathers protect the lower part of the gastrointestinal tract from bones and other solid, not digested substances. Grayshaped films are also fed by the feathers of the chicks.
  3. Grayshaped films migrate over the land at night. Sometimes fly over water or along the coast during the day, large packs.
  4. The oldest registered series of Superior was 11 years old, a copy was found in Minnesota, in the same staff where he was ringed.
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