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Among the wide variety of birds, cuts occupy a special place. A bird from the Strizhin family lives almost throughout the entire planet (with the exception of Antarctica and other small islands). Despite the fact that animals can be found on almost any mainland, the cuts are not like each other. A distinctive feature of birds is their dependence on changes in the weather. Outwardly representatives of birds are very similar to swallows. Flight speed is the main advantage of swifts.

General characteristic of cuts

Swifts have 69 subspecies. Birds grow up to a maximum of 300 g and live no more than 10-20 years. Animals have a body length 18 cm, while the wing reaches 17 cm, the tail of the birds straight and long, and the legs are weak. The cuts have a big head relative to the body, a sharp small beak and black eyes. If you look closely, you can distinguish a cut from a swallow by high speed and maneuverability, as well as thinner limbs. In total, in a short period of time, the bird can accelerate to 170 km/h.

The difference between swifts is also the lack of the ability to swim and walk. Too small animal paws allow it to move only in airspace. During the flight, cutting can find food, get drunk, look for building materials for their nest and even mate. Birds of the Strizhin family live in small companies.

Habitat and lifestyle

Swift is one of the most common birds that can be found in almost any corner of the planet Earth. Feathered live equally well both in the forest zone and in the steppe territories. The most favorite habitats are coastal rocks and large cities. Swift is a unique bird that spends most of the day in flight. Only a few hours are allocated for sleep.

Representatives of the Strizhin family are divided into settled and migratory. Big bird companies can be seen in megacities. The energy supply of animals can only be envied: they fly from morning to night and do not feel tired. Birds have excellent vision and hearing, as well as excellent appetite. It is proved that the haircut can fall asleep even in flight.

Feathered belong to peaceloving birds, but at any time they can start a quarrel, both with brothers and with other species of animals. Swifts very smart, cunning and hottempered. The main drawback of birds is a strong dependence on weather conditions. The thermoregulation of birds is so poorly developed that in the case of a sharp cooling, they may not cope with the load and suddenly hibernate.

Swifts do not relate to neatly. They have unattractive nests that can be built with a pile of building material and rapidly hardening saliva. The chicks that are in their house can not show for a long time (up to 2 months). Parents dutifully feed their cubs and bring food in beaks.

The only and dangerous enemy of cuts are falcons.

Varieties of cutting

Biologists distinguish a large number of varieties of cutting, but the following are the most common and interesting: the following:

  • Black (tower) cuts of this group strongly resemble swallows. They grow up to 18 cm, have a flipped tail, plumage of a dark brown color with a greenish-metallic tint. On the chin and neck of birds there is a white spot that looks like a jewelry. As a rule, black cuts live in Europe, Asia, Eurasia. The birds fly to Africa and southern India for wintering.
  • Blonde birds have a streamlined, oblong body shape with pointed and long wings. The maximum cut length reaches 23 cm, weight up to 125 g. In this group, males grow a little more than females. Feathered are distinguished by a white neck and tummy, as well as a characteristic dark strip on the chest. Most often, blissful cuts are found in Europe, North Africa, India, Asia and Madagascar.
  • Belomachine migratory cuts that have a white strip of a roster. Birds have a characteristic screaming voice, otherwise they are no different from other representatives of the family. Whiteskinned cuts in Australia, Asia, Europe and the United States live.
  • Pale birds grow to 18 cm with a weight of about 44 g. Have a short, flipped tail and torpedoshaped body. Swifts are very similar to black, but have a more stocky physique and brownish tint of the tummy. A distinctive feature is a white spot located near the throat. Animals live in Europe, North Africa and migrate to tropical Africa.
  • Swift truly unique birds that amaze with their abilities and a variety of species. Birds feed on insects that are in the air. In most cases, males and females do not differ from each other.

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