Sych photo and description of the bird, species

Small representatives of the owl family. The length of their body does not exceed 30 centimeters, and the weight barely reaches 200 grams. The scope of the wings of the rashes can reach 60 centimeters. The appearance of this owl resembles a chick of larger representatives of the owl. The head of the owl is flattened and oval, the front disc is very weak. These representatives have a characteristic feature — This is the absence of feathers. Have a short tail and small wings. The plumage in the names is quite dense, mostly sandy color, decorated with white patterns. Possess rations with sharp black and brown claws. The color of the beak has a yellowish tint. The eyes of the nurses of expressive yellow color.

Outwardly, the Sych looks very gloomy and, at first glance, aggressive. Since ancient times, the legend has been composed about this amazing creation and the signs have been added. On the territory of Eurasia, people were extremely negative towards ramps, prescribing them the status of a harbinger of trouble and misfortune.

Classification of the species

Sych is divided into several subspecies with its characteristic features. The main of them:

Brownie Sych. The body length of this representative is 28 centimeters. The plumage has a brown shade with white spots. Has powerful and sharp claws, allowing it to hunt for large rodents. I got this name due to the fact that many representatives of this species were populated in the attics or sheds of houses.

Sparrow Sych. Very small representative of the Sichi. Weight reaches only 80 grams. Brown plumage with gray tint and white spots. Stands out with a powerful beak. It feeds mainly with small feathers or rodents.

Rabbit Sych. Bird of 23 centimeters with a red-brown color of the plumage. Active at any time of the day. The population of this species is common in South and North America.

Mookhnogoi Sych. The body length of this species does not exceed 25 centimeters. Popular in coniferous forests and mountainous areas.


Sychi are great hunters. They extract their food mainly in pairs, which helps them easily attack even large gray rats, which can be extremely dangerous for one representative. In the case of a single hunt, the Sychi prefer to choose smaller game. Mostly their diet consists of flower mice, dione beetles, lizards and frogs.

Sychi lovers of underground hunting. In the hunt for fields, they count their feathers on their heads and back. Also raws are very stored birds. Periodically make warehouses with food in case of lack of food in their habitat. The type of rabbit was distinguished by a special trick in search of food. They bring small pieces of manure to their nests, thereby attracting there bugs-divers, which make up a large percentage of their usual diet.


Out of the age of the year, they become sexually mature and are ready for the marriage period. The search for the female begins already with the beginning of February, and the wedding season – With the advent of spring. Males attract feathered females with loud exclamations and treats. The resulting couple is engaged in the arrangement of the nest. The female lays from 2 to 5 eggs for a certain period. Since the eggs are not all at once laid, the development of the cubs occurs unevenly, which is why only two chicks survive. The female hatches the first laid eggs already. Excommunes from this process only once a day for an extremely short period of time. In the case of the absence of a female, it is replaced by the father of the family. During the period of eggs, the role of the male comes down to the search for food for the female. Small Sychi is born after a month of hatching. The chicks are completely blind and covered with small white fluff. Literally in a month, the cubs are strong and become similar to their parents. During this period, parents of the offspring teach chicks all the skills necessary for life. Sychiks become independent in August.

Lifestyle and character

Mostly sedentary birds that are active at night. Periodically can fly to small distances. Have excellent vision and hearing, which is why they are excellent night hunters. Sychi are very cautious and silent birds, so their victims may not even suspect that they became prey.

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