The Amur Tiger of the Red Book a brief description, photo

Amur tiger – one of the rarest species of predators. Back in the 19th century there were a lot of them. However, due to poachers in the 30s of the twentieth century, the view was on the verge of complete disappearance. At that time, only 50 individuals remained in the Soviet Union.

During the 2008-2009 expedition, a special expedition was held «Amur tiger». So, it was found that there were only 6 tigers within the boundaries of the Ussuri reserve.

Description of the species

Amur tiger belongs to the class of mammals. In fact, it is one of the largest representatives of predators on the planet, because its mass can reach 300 kilograms. Furthermore – According to some reports, during the period of their large population there were animals of this species, which weighed almost 400 kg. Of course, that now there are no more people.

The physical capabilities of this type of predators are also impressive – The tiger can easily transfer prey weighing half a ton. The speed of movement can reach up to 80 km/h, and in this indicator it is second only to cheetah.

It should not be noted the appearance of this animal. Like other predators of this class, it has a color in the form of a red background and white transverse stripes. It should be noted that in this case, such a color also plays a camouflage role – To get the prey, the tiger needs to come to it prohibitively close, and what such a color helps, since it simply merges with dry vegetation.

Food tiger

The predator eats only meat and most often it is a large enough production. In general, the Amur tiger spends most of the time on the search for prey. Wild boars, raisins, deer – This is the main diet of a predator. For good nutrition per year, they need about 50 ungulates. However, if the animal lacks large production, then does not disdain and shallow – livestock, badgers, hares and so on. At a time, a tiger can eat about 30 kilograms of meat, but an average portion of 10 kilograms.


No matter how formidable this animal may be, nevertheless, habits that are inherent in all feline, it cannot be taken away from it. The tiger prefers loneliness – He enters the pack, he also goes to prey alone. The Amur Tiger leaves the limits of its territory only if you need to catch large prey. Also on its territory the predator leaves special marks:

  • Removes the bark on the trees;
  • leaves scraps;
  • spray of urine on vegetation or stones.

The male defends its territory quite hard – The tiger is simply trying to destroy uninvited guests, but he is trying to eliminate the conflict with representatives of their species by means of a formidable roar. Fight for the Amur tiger extreme measure. Furthermore – For several years he can live in complete silence completely.

Individuals multiply every two years. A tiger is by nature a polygamous animal, so several females can keep on its territory at once. If another tiger claims to be claimed, then even a fight is possible.

Place of residence

This type of predator lives in the southeastern territory of Eurasia, the banks of the Amur River, in Manchuria and even on the territory of the DPRK. The largest number of tigers is at this moment in the region of the Lazovsky district, in the Primorsky Territory.

Comfortable for the tiger area of ​​residence – This is a river mountain area with such trees as oak and cedar. An adult tiger without problems and with a maximum sense of comfort for itself can live on an area of ​​up to 2000 square kilometers. The female can singlehandedly dwell on the terrain up to 450 square kilometers.

The reasons for the disappearance

Of course, the main reason that the number of the Amur tiger was practically naught is their moderate extermination of poachers. Tigers were killed up to a hundred pieces per year, only because of getting the skin.

However, scientists who studied this issue in detail found that the cause of disappearance is not only a mass shooting. The reasons for the disappearance could also be as follows:

  • critically insufficient number of feed objects;
  • The intentional destruction of shrubs and trees, where the Amur tigers lived.

Of course, that these two factors arose not without the help of a person.

What is happening with Amur tigers now

Now this type of predators is entered in the Red Book as such, which is on the verge of disappearance. Adults and cubs are under strict protection in the territory of protected areas. However, according to the observations, it was found that there may be few protected territory and they go beyond it, which is extremely dangerous.

Unfortunately, this is far from the only species of animals that practically disappeared from the planet only because a person made his efforts to this. In this case, the mass shooting due to the desire to cash in led to such extremely negative consequences.

Specialists in this area make every effort so that the population of the Amur tiger has increased. However, it is quite difficult to multiply in captivity to this predator, so mass attempts do not always lead to success.

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