The bearded owl from the Red Book photos and description of the owl, interesting facts, voice, chicks

A bearded inquires of a very remarkable representative of the owl family. In size, this bird can be compared with chicken.


Body size from 60 to 85 centimeters in length, and the wingspan is 1.5 meters. The weight of these representatives can reach 1.2 kilograms. The facial disk is pronounced and painted with a gray color with a large number of dark concentric circles. Small eyes of yellow with dark eyelids are located on the head. White feathers near the eyes form a cross. The base of the oversized is yellow with a gray tint, and the beak itself is yellow. A dark spot is located under the beak. The main color of the bearded owl gray with small black stripes. The lower body has a pale gray color with films. Poppers on the paws and fingers of gray. The long tail of the owl is painted with large transverse stripes, which end with a rather large dark strip. Sexual dimorphism is that females are much more massive and larger than males.

The territory of the habitat

The habitat of the bearded nonsense spread on the territory of Canada and Alaska. Most populations are located in the north of Europe and the center of the European side of Eurasia. Some representatives are found in Siberia and Sakhalin.

As an environmental environment, he chooses coniferous and spruce forests, can populate the territory of the taiga and mountain forests. The selection of the habitat is due to the presence of a sufficient amount of power.


The main diet of the bearded owl consists of mouselike rodents, outskirts and small mammals. Sometimes, as large production, they can hunt protein, small birds, hares, frogs and some large insects. An owl can look for a prey from an addon or in the process of a slow flight not exceeding 5 meters above the ground. Feeds mainly in open areas. During nesting, bearded owls prefer to hunt in the daytime on the edges of the forest and cuts. An excellent predator does this owl make a developed hearing and a facial disk, which allows you to hear the barely perceptible rustles of a potential victim. Grabbing his prey with sharp claws, the bearded inquisition eats it entirely.


Most representatives of the species of bearded owl exclusively sedentary birds. They carefully choose the habitat and live in it for several years. The bearded person can change the territory due to the insufficient number of mammals with which it feeds.

A distinctive feature of bearded inhabitations is their voice. Males make grooking deaf sounds from 8 or 12 syllables, similar to “Uu-uu-uu-uu-uu-uu-uu-uu-uu”.


Most of the individuals of the bearded nonYasyati monogamous. The propagation period is accompanied by the search for a couple and courtship. This period lasts from winter. Males begin to get food for the female, clean feathers and actively look for nests. As a nest, many males choose old hawks settlements. The female lays up to 5 eggs in the selected nest, and hatches them for 28 days. During this period, the male gets food for two. The chicks are formed at 4 weeks, and ready for flight by 8 weeks of life.

Bearded owl with chick

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