The breed of a cat Balinesis, Balinese or Balinesia cat: characteristics, photo, character, maintenance and maintenance rules


  • Country of origin: USA
  • Type of wool:
  • Growth:
    up to 30 cm
  • The weight:
    2-5 kg
  • Age:
    10-15 years
  • Brief information

  • They do not like loneliness, very sociable;
  • Smart, easily trained;
  • Curious.
  • Character

    The nearest relatives of Balinesia cats are Siamas. It is interesting that in the XIX-XX centuries many Siamese cats brought in the litter of long-haired kittens, but the breeders did not attach significance to this and did not pay attention to the mutation. The situation changed in 1928, when a half-demolished Siamese cat was first registered at the exhibition as an animal show class. And in the 1950s, systematic work began on the development of a new breed. By the way, the Balinesia cat did not get its name at all for the connection with Indonesia, but for the grace and smoothness of movements: cats were compared with Bali dancers.

    The breed of a cat Balinesis, Balinese or Balinesia cat: characteristics, photo, character, care and content petstory

    Balinese has a difficult character. These cats are independent, but affectionate, they do not like obsessive communication, but cannot be without a master for a long time. Therefore, they are hardly suitable for people who often linger at work and are not at home for a long time.

    Balinesia cats are considered one of the smartest representatives of a longhaired family. In addition, they are also very curious, so the owner must take care of the safety of the pet, for example, put the lock locks on the lower boxes and cabinet doors.

    Balinesia cats are devoted to their family, they love communication and conversations. By the way, the pets of this breed are quite talkative, and the palette of sounds they make are truly diverse. But, despite sociability, the balances do not trust unfamiliar people too much, and they most likely will prefer a rest in silence to noisy companies.

    At the same time, representatives of this breed are very playful, they will be happy to spend an hour or two for entertainment with toys. By the way, these cats are very energetic and active. Therefore, it is necessary to devote enough time of the games with them so that the pet has physical activity.

    Balinesia cats must be raised literally like dogs. But do not expect unquestioning submission from the pet. These wayward animals are unlikely to fulfill the wishes of the owner at his first request. However, communication with a pet, care and regular training can improve its character. True, this must be done softly, without screaming and excessive pressure.

    Balinesia cats are perfect for the role of pets for families with schoolage children. But with the kids, Balinese is unlikely to bother for a long time, most likely, sharp sounds and movements will quickly get bored. With animals, representatives of the breed get along well, especially with those who are ready to obey the rules established by the Balinesia cat.


    The long wool of Balinesia cats must be combed about two to three times a week. You should also pay attention to the cleanliness of the eyes, ears and teeth of the pet. Quite often there are balanes with strabismus, this is considered a normal sign and is not.

    Balinesis are not prone to obesity, but have a good appetite. It is important to carefully monitor the quality of the feed and its number. When choosing it, it is advisable to consult with breed breeding and veterinarian.

    Conditions of detention

    Representatives of the breed do not need any special conditions, you only should provide the pet with a comfortable and secluded place and pay enough time and attention.

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