The breed of the cat Mandalalay: characteristics, photo, character, rules of care and content


  • Country of origin: New Zealand
  • Type of wool
  • Growth:
    25-32 cm
  • The weight:
    4-6 kg
  • Age:
    up to 20 years
  • Brief information

  • Deep dark color of wool;
  • Bright amber eyes;
  • Goodnatured;
  • Good health.
  • History of origin

    Mandalai appeared thanks to two happy accidents. First: the ancestors of the breed were born in New Zealand in the middle of the last century as a result of unauthorized love of the master’s Burman cat with courtyard cats. The second is that the offspring of a ruined cat hit the experienced breeders who immediately saw great potential in unusual kittens. And the selection of the new breed began. The main goal was to consolidate a uniform deep dark color, which was to be the main distinguishing feature of the breed.

    For breeding work, animals of the Burmansk, Siamese and Abyssinian breed, as well as unfortunate cats of the desired color, were used. According to existing sources, the breed first appeared in the early 70s. And only in 1990 they presented cats at the exhibition. “Publishing to the light” did not go unnoticed. He immediately gave them public recognition and the official status of the breed. She received the name Mandalai by the name of the former main city of the Burmese Empire.

    What is interesting in the United Kingdom, such cats are considered to be the Asian class and bear the name Asian bombs. And in Australia they are also called an Australian bomb.


    Ocular cat, mediumsized, sexual type is expressed cats are always larger. A sort of mini-panter with a strong, flexible body, a short neck, a neatly small head. The hind legs are somewhat longer than the front. Ears of medium sized, spread wide, with a tilt to the nose. The eyes are large, round, bright amber color. The tail is short, wide at the base and tapering to the tip. The wool looks like mink fur short, very thick and silky to the touch. It has a rich, and most importantly, uniform dark color. Mandalayas are coal-black (anthracite), blue-black (Voronovo wing) and dark brown (bitter chocolate).

    These animals are considered longlivers, with proper care can live up to 20 years or more. The courtyard ancestors gave them good health and good immunity, as well as endurance and unpretentiousness.


    Friendly, calm, playful, curious cats. They feel great both in the small and in a large family. Steadily suffer active young children, without showing aggression. Not subject to stress, easily tolerate crossings and the emergence of new pets. Friendship is quickly made with dogs, but it is better to isolate rodents and birds from them. You can teach a walk in a slope (of course, the ammunition should be reliable and suitable in size).


    You can’t spoil the natural beauty the Mandalayes do not need special care. Sometimes (especially during molting), treat the wool with a rubber brush and rub it with a suede cloth from time to time and the cat will shine, shimmer and glossy. You can only bathe if necessary, as well as clean your ears. But it is advisable to accustom a pet with young claws for brushing your teeth. By the way, to cutting the claws too. The courtyard ancestors, in addition to other qualities, were handed over to the tangeries and excellent appetite. It is possible that the owners will have to limit portions cats of this breed like to eat, which is fraught with obesity.

    The breed of the cat mandalaya: characteristics, photo, character, care rules and content petstory

    Conditions of detention

    No special conditions are required for mandalam. Regular care, planned medical examinations and vaccination, proper nutrition this is the key to the health of a cat. For cat safety, the windows should be closed with special nets that do not obscure the light, but prevent the fall from a height. And for complete happiness and active longevity you need soft lynchics, toys and, most importantly, masterful love and care.

    It is quite difficult to find such a kitten in Russia. There are no registered nurseries yet. But in European countries you can buy little mandalay. You will have to spend about 1 thousand euros.

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