The breed of the cat Ragdoll: characteristics, photo, character, rules of care and content


  • Country of origin: USA
  • Type of wool
  • Growth:
    30–42 cm
  • The weight:
    5-10 kg
  • Age:
    15-19 years
  • Brief information

  • The name “Ragdoll” is literally translated from English as “rag doll”;
  • Unusually calm, relaxed and phlegmatic cats;
  • Ragdoll cats do not know how to group in flight, so they cannot land on four paws;
  • Ragdoll has high intelligence, but sometimes too lazy character.
  • Character

    Ragdoll cats true phlegmatic in the cat family. Their main feature, thanks to which they were called the “rag doll”, is muscle relaxation. This is felt at the moment when the cat is in the hands of a person: not a single animal muscle is tense.

    In addition to purely physical characteristics, ragdella is also famous for a kind, affectionate and calm character. At the same time, they are flexors, playful and even a little naive. By the way, Ragdollah will be happy to play with children, and parents should not worry about the child. Thanks to a reduced pain threshold and the absolute lack of aggression, the cat will endure children’s fun until the last. In extreme cases, she prefers to calmly retire, and not scratch and bite. However, it is necessary to explain to the child that the Ragdoll cat in no case can be tossed and provoked to jumps. It can end sadly. Ragdoll does not know how to group at an unexpected moment, so the fall from a height may not always end with a landing by four paws.

    Ragdoll with special love and respect for its owner. The cat literally on the heels follows the owner. Be careful: these animals are painfully experiencing quarrels and increased intonation, so the breed is not suitable for very emotional and hottempered people. Cats themselves rarely give a voice, preferring to communicate with the owner in a halfwhisper.


    Despite the sufficient length and density, the wool of ragdellov does not fall off, since the undercoat is almost absent. To remove the hair loss, it is recommended to comb once a week with a massage brush, during molting twice a week. Bathing cats of this breed is not recommended. But this is useless, since the cats themselves are very clean.

    Conditions of detention

    It should be noted that Ragdolla kittens develop much later than representatives of other breeds. Physically, cats are formed only by three-four years.

    Ragdolla’s nutrition should be healthy and balanced. He eats quite a lot, but due to slow growth and development does not gain excess weight. In general, representatives of the breed are not prone to fullness.

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