The breed of the dog Velsh-Corgi: characteristics, photo, nature, rules of care and content


  • Country of origin: Great Britain
    The size
    25.5-30 cm
    The weight
    9–13.5 kg
    12-17 years
    MKF breed group
    Shepherds and cattle dogs, except for Swiss cattle dogs
  • Brief information

  • Very friendly and charming dogs;
  • Easily and quickly memorize teams and learn complex circus tricks;
  • Faithful friends and companions.
  • Character

    Velsh-corgi is one of the oldest English breeds of dogs, which is divided into two types: Cardigan and Pembrock. In fundamentally, they differ in the color and some characteristics of character: the cardigans are more calm and cautious, and the pemblings are more mobile and energetic. But the differences end on this.

    Corgi incredibly funny dogs on short paws. They look very cute, but their small sizes are deceiving.

    First of all, it should be remembered that the dogs of this breed are small, but shepherds. They are smart, easily amenable to training and quickly master new, even complex commands.

    Corgi are very curious and adore everything new. Even training can bore them if classes are monotonous every time. The owner should take this into account, introduce additional elements and change the order of exercises if he wants to achieve obedience and interest in the process.

    Dogs of this breed are very observant. They understand well when you can approach the owner and caress, and when it is better to withstand the distance. One gets the impression that they understand how they affect the owners and use their natural charm and magnetism, begging for treats. It is very difficult to refuse Corgi, but if you constantly follow the dog, then it may have problems with excess weight.

    No wonder Corgi is the favorite breed of the Queen of Great Britain. On the one hand, these dogs have truly English restraint and tact, do not create unnecessary noise, rarely and on the case give a voice, and on the other hand, they build friendly relations with all family members and love to play playing.

    Corgi was originally used to graze livestock. This habit of them seems to be genetically. Corgi can grab small children by the heels, forcing them to change the course of movement in the direction necessary for the dog. In addition, Corgi will actively try to drive all those who can be driven into the herd. Usually during training it is possible to get rid of this intrusive venture.

    Dogs of the Velsh-Corgi breed are faithful friends who are equally related to all family members. They like to be in the spotlight and try to hit and make their loved ones to amaze and laugh.


    Corgi is very strong. In normal times, they should be combed 2-3 times a week. During the molting period, this has to be done every day.

    Conditions of detention

    Corgi love to walk. The optimal mode for them is 2-3 walks a day for an hour. But this is perhaps the only difficulty that the owner may encounter.

    Because of their compact sizes, these dogs feel great not only in large houses, but also in city apartments. The main thing for them is to have their own equipped place for sleep and rest. The rest of the Corgi is very unpretentious.

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