The climatic belt of Florida and the regions of the peninsula

The climatic conditions of Florida are not uniform throughout the territory. This is due to the fact that the peninsula lies in two climatic zones: most in the subtropical, and the small southern outskirts in the tropical. In the north, a humid and monsoon type of climate, in the south oceanic.

The temperature in Florida

Solar radiation enters the peninsula unevenly. The southern part of Florida receives more heat and energy. In the summer, the average temperature in the north is +26 degrees Celsius. The temperature regime of the south is an average of +28 degrees. Temperature maximum recorded +38 degrees. There is moderate heat in the central part of the peninsula, since there are often sea breeze.

Winter in Florida is warm and soft, thanks to which the peninsula became a favorite world resort in winter. During this period, the temperature varies from +12 to +20 degrees. Frosts are extremely rare here, reach10 degrees.

Humidity in Florida

Florida is characterized by high humidity, in comparison with other US states. There are tropical thunderstorms, accompanied by lightning, hail. Sometimes hurricanes and tornado are carried over the peninsula. Another problem of Florida is floods that occur due to a large amount of moisture and low location of the Earth, almost at sea level. There is almost never snow here, there are plentiful rains. In addition, tropical cyclones that bring hurricanes are held on the territory of the peninsula. Most often they happen in the summer, but the most “hurricane” month is September. The rainy period in Florida falls on a period of time from July to November.

In this climatic zone, evergreen palm trees grow very warm. Tourists also love the peninsula in the winter, the weather conditions of which are like in the summer. Therefore, Florida is a popular vacation spot at any time. A huge strip of sandy beaches extends here on the east coast, which attracts surfers from around the world. The beaches of the west coast of Florida are more suitable for family vacation, since it is shallow here, and the water is very warm.

The Florida Peninsula has a very warm climate, where the eternal summer and a lot of sun. Although it is located in two climatic zones, in subtropical and tropical, there is no difference in weather conditions. Seasonal changes are not pronounced. The only negative climate factor is periodic tornado and hurricanes that destroy cities.

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