The current volcanoes of Eurasia a list and place on the map of the highest volcanoes

What is a volcano? This is nothing but a solid natural formation. Its appearance on the surface of the Earth was facilitated by various natural phenomena. The products of natural volcanic construction include the following components:

  • ash;
  • gases;
  • loose rocks;
  • lava.
  • More than 1000 volcanoes have our planet: some work, others are already “resting”.

    Russia is a large state that also has a certain number of such formations. Places of their location are known Kamchatka and the Kuril Islands.

    Large volcanoes of a powerful state

    Volcano “Sarychev” the largest volcano of Eurasia. Located in the Kuril Islands. He actively acts. Eruptions are greatly powerful and at the same time they are shortterm. The height has 1496 meters.

    “Karym Sopka” no less large volcano. Height 1468 meters. The diameter of the crater has 250 meters, and the depth of this formation is 120 meters.

    Avacha volcano is an actively acting Kamchatka array. It is interesting that its last eruption was distinguished by a special power, as a result of which a kind of lava traffic jam was formed.

    Shieveludu volcano large and acting very actively. Distinctive feature: double crater, which was received after the next eruption. The column of ash, which “throws” this education reaches 7 kilometers. The ash train spreads quite widely.

    “Tolbachik” an interesting volcanic array. The height is impressive 3682 meters. The volcano is active. The diameter of the crater has no less impressive dimensions 3000 meters.

    “Koryak Sopka” included in the honorary ten large volcanoes of Eurasia.  Its activity is relative. Feature: Earthquakes are accompanied by each eruption. Ultimately one of the eruptions in the array formed a large crack. For a long period, she “threw away” volcanic rocks and gases. Now this process has stopped.

    “Klyuchevsky volcano” can rightfully be called the “thunderstorm” of volcanoes. It has at least 12 cones, the whereabouts of which from the Berengy Sea is 60 kilometers. This array in its Archive has more than 50 eruptions.

    Koryatsky volcano actively works. In the valleys of the Koryak hill, a large number of lava flows are found without problems.

    Presented volcanoes-giants carry a serious danger to life.

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