The cycle of substances in nature the role of the cycle, the scheme, participants and destroyers

On our planet, various chemical, physical, biological processes occur with the participation of elements and substances. Every action occurs in accordance with the laws of nature. So, substances in the natural environment carry out a cycle, participating in all processes on the surface of the Earth, in the bowels of the planet and above it. The turnover of various elements has a cyclical nature, which consists in the transition of an element from organic to inorganic matter. All cycles are divided into gas cycles and sedimentary cycles.

The water cycle

Separately, it is worth highlighting the water cycle in the environment. It is considered the most important component of all life on our planet. Its cycle is represented as follows: liquid water filling reservoirs heats up and evaporates into the atmosphere, after which it accumulates and falls both on land (20%) and in the World Ocean (80%) in the form of precipitation (snow, rain or hail). When water enters such water areas as reservoirs, lakes, swamps, rivers, it then evaporates into the atmosphere again. Once on the ground, it is absorbed into the soil, replenishing groundwater and saturating plants. Then it evaporates from the leaves and enters the air again.

The cycle of substances in nature the role of the cycle, the scheme, participants and destroyers

Gas cycle

When we talk about the cycle of gases, it is worth dwelling on the following elements:

  • Carbon. Most often, carbon is represented by carbon dioxide, which goes from being absorbed by plants to converting carbon into combustible and sedimentary rocks. Part of the carbon enters the atmosphere when carbonaceous fuels are burned
  • Oxygen. Contained in the atmosphere, produced by plants as a result of photosynthesis. From the air, oxygen enters the body of living beings through the respiratory tract, is released and re-enters the atmosphere
  • Nitrogen. Nitrogen is released during the breakdown of substances, absorbed into the soil, enters the plants, and then is released from them in the form of ammonia or ammonium ions
  • sedimentary cycles

    Phosphorus is found in various rocks and minerals, in inorganic phosphations. Phosphorus-containing compounds, only some dissolve in water, and they are absorbed by the flora along with the liquid. Along the food chain, phosphorus feeds all living organisms that release it into the environment along with waste products.

    Sulfur is found in living organisms in the form of biologically active substances, it happens in various states. It is part of various substances, is part of some rocks. The cycle of various substances in nature ensures the flow of many processes and is considered the most important phenomenon on earth.

    The cycle of substances in nature the role of the cycle, the scheme, participants and destroyers
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