The cycle of substances in the biosphere in nature how it happens | Brief presentation

The terrestrial biosphere consists of all organisms living on the planet, including humans. Thanks to the constant circulation of all kinds of organic and inorganic substances, the process of transforming one entity into another does not stop for a second. So, plants receive all kinds of chemical elements from the soil, from the atmosphere carbon dioxide and water. Under the influence of sunlight, as a result of photosynthesis, they release oxygen into the air, which animals, people, insects breathe everyone who needs it is vital. Dying, plant organisms return all accumulated substances to the ground, where organic matter is again converted into nitrogen, sulfur and other elements of the periodic table.

Separation of processes into small and large cycle

A large geological cycle takes place over millions of centuries. Its members:

The cycle of substances in the biosphere in nature how it happens | Brief presentation
  • rocks;
  • wind;
  • temperature changes;
  • precipitation.
  • Gradually, the mountains are destroyed, the wind and rains wash away the settled dust into the oceans and seas, into rivers and lakes. Bottom sediments, under the influence of tectonic processes, settle on the surface of the planet, where, under the influence of high temperatures, they pass into another physical state. When volcanoes erupt, these substances are thrown to the surface, forming new hills and hills.

    In a small cycle, other active elements will perform an important function:

  • water;
  • nutrients;
  • carbon;
  • oxygen;
  • plants;
  • animals;
  • microorganisms;
  • bacteria.
  • In plants, a lot of sulfur, phosphorus, nitrogen and other participants in chemical processes accumulate during the entire life cycle. Then the greens are eaten by animals that give meat and milk, skin and wool to man. Mushrooms and bacteria live by processing the food waste of animals, and participate in biochemical processes inside the human body. As a result, the entire supply of chemicals returns to the ground, passing into the soil under the influence of the decay process. This is how the biogeochemical cycle occurs, turning inorganic substances into organic ones, and vice versa.

    The cycle of substances in the biosphere in nature how it happens | Brief presentation

    Rapid human activity has led to a change in the regularity of both cycles, to irreversible changes in the soil and the deterioration of water quality, which is why plant areas are dying out. A large release of various pesticides, gases and industrial waste into the atmosphere and water reduces the amount of evaporated moisture, affecting the climate and living conditions of living beings in the global ecosystem.

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