The disappearance of rare species of plants in Eurasia and the world

During the existence of mankind from the face of the earth, a huge number of plant species have already disappeared. One of the reasons for this phenomenon is natural disasters, but today it is more appropriate to explain this problem with anthropogenic activities. Rare types of flora, that is, relics, and their distribution depends on the boundaries of a particular range, are most affected. To draw the attention of the public, a red book is created, in which information about endangered species is entered. Also, state bodies of different countries ensure the protection of disappearing plants.

The causes of the disappearance of plants

The disappearance of the flora occurs due to the economic activity of people:

  • deforestation;
  • Sales of livestock;
  • drainage of swamps;
  • plowing steppes and meadows;
  • Collection of herbs and flowers for sale.
  • Forest fires, flooding of premiums, environmental pollution, as well as environmental disasters are not the last importance. As a result of natural disasters, plants die in large quantities overnight, which leads to global changes in the ecosystem.

    The disappeared views of the flora

    It is difficult to determine how many hundreds of plant species have disappeared from the planet. Over the past 500 years, as experts of the World Nature Conservation Union calculated, 844 types of flora have disappeared forever. One of them is sigilles, treelike plants that reached a height of 25 meters, had thick trunks, grew in a swamp area. They grew in groups, forming entire forest zones.


    An interesting species grew on the islands of the Pacific Ocean Stretlaris from the Bobov clan, had interesting flowering. The vine of Kriyan, herbaceous plant that grew up to 12 centimeters and had purple flowers is disappeared.


    Violet Kriyskaya

    Also, the type of lepidodendron, which was covered by thick foliage, disappeared from treelike plants. Of the water species, it should be called nematophytic algae, which were found in various reservoirs.


    Thus, the world is urgent for the world to reduce biodiversity. If you do not take measures, then many types of flora will soon disappear. At the moment, rare and endangered species are listed in the Red Book, and having familiarized yourself with the list, you can find out which plants cannot be plucked. Some species on the planet are almost never found, and they can only be found in hardtoreach places. We must protect nature, and prevent the disappearance of plants.

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