The effect of magnetic storms on the human health and body

A geomagnetic storm is called the excitement of geomagnetic fields, which lasts from a short period in hours to several days. The excitement of geomagnetic fields occurs due to fluctuations in the flows of the solar wind and is interconnected with the magnetosphere of the Earth. Physics are engaged in the study of geomagnetic storms and, from their point of view, it is called “Cosmic weather”. The duration of geomagnetic storms depends on geomagnetic activity, that is, the activity of the sun. Solar causes for “space weather” are coronal holes and masses. Sources of geomagnetic storms are flashes in the sun. Thanks to this knowledge and with the discovery of cosmic spaces for science, scientists came to the conclusion that the sun should be observed by means of extrateronomy.

Now there are forecasts of not only weather for the population, but also forecasts of geomagnetic activity. With the help of astronomy, they are compiled for an hour, for 7 days, for a month. It all depends on the location of the sun to the ground.

The consequences of geomagnetic storms

Thanks to geomagnetic storms, navigation systems are lost in spacecraft, the energy system is violated. Which is not a little important, perhaps even a violation of telephone communication. In the presence of magnetic storms, the chance of autocatastrophe increases, no matter how strange it sounds. The whole point is that each person reacts to magnetic storms in his own way. There is a certain group of people who do not affect magnetic storms at all. Perhaps the whole problem is also that people skillfully “wind themselves up”. After all, many are of the opinion that magnetic storms are dangerous, which means it is harmful to health. In fact, the hardest thing these days are those who suffer from cardiovascular diseases, headaches. Most often, people begin to jump in pressure, heart rhythm. And this is not only in those sick with these diseases, but also in a simple physically healthy person. The consequences can be very dangerous if the heart rhythm of a person coincides with sunny. In such cases, you can get a heart attack. The solar system is an unpredictable thing. It is better for people to remain at home on such days and not overdo it with work.

People’s reaction to geomagnetic storms

In addition, 3 types of people with different sensitivity to flashes in the sun should be noted. Some react a few days before the phenomenon, others during him, and the rest 2 days after. Not lucky for those who plan air travel for this period. First, at an altitude of more than 9 kilometers, we are no longer protected by a dense air layer. In addition, according to studies, it is on such days that airlines most often occur. The influence of geomagnetic storms is very noticeable underground, in the subway, where you are influenced not only by them, but also electromagnetic fields. Such magnetic fields can be felt when the train moves from the place or sharply slows down. The offers of the driver, the edge of the platform and the subway traffic jams acts here. Apparently, this is why the driver so often suffer from heart disease.

Recommendations for magnetic storms

Compresses from St. John’s wort using eucalyptus oil will help you facilitate the influence of geomagnetic storms. Elementary can be made at home aloe juice and take inward. As a sedative, it is enough to drink valerian. Try to exclude alcohol, physical activity these days. In addition to those who react to outbreaks in the sun, you should not eat a lot of sweets and oily food, these days the level of cholesterol also increases. Always try to carry medications with you. And if you quit accepting antiinflammatory drugs, then you should resume the reception.

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