The environmental problems of animals and the animal world disappearance and destruction

Global environmental problems include the problems of the animal world, which is an integral component of the biosphere. Animals take part in the biotic cycle of energy and substances on the planet. All other elements of ecosystems depend on the stability of the fauna. The problem of reducing animal populations occurs not only because ecology worsens, but also because people use them as a nutrition.

In nature, absolutely all representatives of the fauna are needed: small insects, herbivores, predators, and large marine animals. There are no harmful species to get rid of. Only tick and rodent pest populations need to be controlled.

Causes of Animal Environmental Problems

There are several reasons why there is not only a reduction in species, but also their extinction:

Ecological problems of animals and wildlife extinction and destruction
  • disturbance of fauna habitats;
  • excessive killing of animals not only for food;
  • movement of some animals to other continents;
  • killing animals for fun;
  • unintentional killing of animals;
  • wildlife habitat pollution;
  • destruction of plants that animals feed on;
  • pollution of the water that animals drink;
  • Forest fires;
  • the use of animals in the economy;
  • negative impact of biological bacteria.
  • When the place where animals live, whether it be a forest, steppe or meadow, changes, the animals must either adapt to a new way of life, find new sources of food, or move to other territories. Before finding a new home, many representatives of the fauna do not live to see. All this leads to the death of not just a few, and not even hundreds, but to the disappearance of thousands of representatives of the animal world.

    How to save the world of fauna?

    Many people are aware of the problem of extermination of animals, therefore they are active in protecting the fauna. Greenpeace is one of the largest animal rescue organizations in the world. Many countries around the world have local subdivisions so that fauna can be conserved at a certain local level. In addition, it is necessary to act in the following directions:

    The environmental problems of animals and the animal world disappearance and destruction
  • create reserves in which the most natural living conditions would be created;
  • organization of wildlife sanctuaries territories where animals are protected;
  • creation of reserves they function for a certain time, in fact they look like wildlife preserves;
  • organization of natural national parks.
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