The fastest birds of the world a list with photos and names

Birds are unique creatures. Although each animal is special in its own way, birds are the only ones who can fly. They have wings that allow you to make long flights, and this makes them so unusual. Birds with short wings that have pointed shape are considered one of the most rapid flyers in the world. Over the years of evolution, they improved flight qualities to adapt to the environment in which they live. In fact, the fastest birds are also the fastest creatures on Earth. When they ask which bird is the faster, the answer depends on the maximum, average speed or speed of diving.

Golden eagle

Needlehigh haircut



Grayheaded albatross

Shpurtsa goose

Whitebreasted American haircut



Average crumbs





Many people think that the fastest bird is Sapsan, and this is true if you observe a gravitational flight during diving. During a hunting chap, Sapsan is not only the fastest moving bird, but also the fastest animal on the planet. First, he takes off to a great height, and then dives steeply at a speed of more than 320 km per hour. But Sapsan is not included in the first ten birds that travel at high speed at horizontal flight. Dupel flies for wintering in Central Africa nonstop at a speed of 97 km/h. It is likely that there are other species that are faster, but the speed of their movement has yet to measure exactly.

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