The fight against poaching in Eurasia methods of struggle

Poaching is one of the most urgent problems of our time. Having a goal to earn as much money as possible, hunters do everything to achieve it, namely: they cut down forests in protected areas, shoot animals listed in the Red Book, use prohibited equipment, etc. The low level of protection of wildlife safety allows the destruction of valuable minerals and the depletion of mineral sites. The only penalties are penalties, sometimes not covering the damage caused and bringing to administrative, criminal liability.

Penalties for breaking the rules

Eurasian legislation has issued many laws prohibiting certain activities of hunters. For example, when going fishing, the owner of the equipment must be aware that he cannot use more than five hooks, catch an indefinite number of large fish and use illegal fishing methods (silencers, electrical equipment). At the same time, every hunter must have permits for weapons and access to the forest. There are a lot of nuances and they must be studied before going on an extreme vacation.

In case of violation of the rules and legislative norms, the responsible persons will be punished without fail:

  • in case of violations of the rules of hunting, a fine of 500-4000 rubles is charged;
  • in case of repeated violation (within a year), the fine increases to 4000-5000 rubles with complete confiscation of equipment or even deprivation of the right to this type of activity;
  • in case of hunting in the wrong period of time, the inspector has the right to prohibit the responsible person from hunting for a period of 1 to 3 years and issue a fine of up to 1 million. rubles;
  • in case of refusal to present permits, the hunter is deprived of the right to this type of activity for up to two years;
  • it is also not allowed to shoot ungulates and bears without a special document, the punishment is a ban on hunting for up to three years.
  • The inspector on the spot determines the amount of damage, after which the fine can be written out for each killed individual in thousands of rubles.

    The main ways to combat poaching

    To overcome poaching or at least reduce the level of atrocities, it is necessary to improve the work and financing of public services engaged in environmental protection. In addition, there are several effective methods that can affect the situation:

    1. installation of photoealists that allow to fix violations and present them to criminals;
    2. an increase in the number of planned and unscheduled inspections of forestry, hunting grounds;
    3. Complete confiscation of the equipment of offenders and a ban on fishing/hunting for a more impressive period.

    A highquality control apparatus should be created in the state.

    Sanctions for illegal hunters

    In case of major damage or violation of the ban on hunting rare species of birds and animals, offenders may be assigned corrective labor for up to 1 year, arrest for up to six months and fines of up to 200,000 rubles.

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