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Mukhomor is nobility (lat. Amanita Citrina) is a mushroom from the kind of fly agaric, which belongs to the Amanite family. It is considered a conventional fungus, so without proper experience it is stupid to climb into the forest, because fly agaric is often poisonous, and distinguishing one from the other without a hinted eye will be too problematic. It is consumed only in a carefully processed form, and in other cases it is strictly prohibited, since it can cause light poisoning.


The hat at a young age in its form is hemispherical, but in the process of growing up, it straightens and ultimately becomes almost completely flat, although a small bulge remains in the center. The edge to the touch is smooth, with age you can notice scars on it. The most common color is lemon and greenish, but one of the color varieties can be painted in gray, without any impurities. The diameter of the hat is not particularly large, but not small: six to ten centimeters on the diameter.

The leg is expanding at the bottom, the same average as the hat, so its length varies in the range from six to twelve centimeters. Closer to the base, you can see a ring that grows tightly to the peel of the mushroom. With age, it may well disappear, but according to observations, we can conclude that this does not happen so often. The pulp is more like potato starch, so you should not eat it, although this mushroom refers to conditionally sedimentary. In the section, the flesh turns yellow a bit and in its structure resembles raw potatoes.

Where it grows

A sustainable fly agaric is an ordinary resident of forest belts of a moderate climatic zone, so it can be found in coniferous, deciduous and broadleaved forests. The representatives of this species did not find any particular range, since it is met everywhere where there is a normal climate. Trying to grow in large groups. The fruiting period falls out at the beginning of August and the end of October, and most copies can be found in September.


The mushroom refers to conditionally sedimentary, which indicates the absence of a dangerous poison. At the same time, some nevertheless argue that with a naughty fly agaric you can be poisoned without any problems, but this is rather an exception to the rules than statistics, because the opinion of one unlucky person is not particularly more valuable than the annual observations of scientists. It is not recommended to eat at least for the reason that this mushroom does not have worthy taste.

Similar views

Death cap. It is considered the most dangerous double, only one bite of which will be enough to kill a person. It differs in that the ring does not grow tightly and moves freely along the leg. In addition, the hat is smooth at any age.

Death cap

The umbrella is white. Dry edible mushroom, which has a more dry structure and pleasant aroma, to distinguish from fly agaric will be very simple just due to the smell.

The umbrella is white

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