The formation of swamps and peat in the swamps in nature

A swamp is called a territory that has excessive moisture, and a specific cover of organic substances is formed on its surface, which are completely unleashed, and which subsequently turn into peat. Usually on the bolts peat layer occupies at least 30 centimeters. In general, swamps belong to the system of hydrospheres of the Earth.

Of the interesting facts about the swamps, it is necessary to name the following:

  • The oldest swamps on the planet formed in the interval of 350-400 million. Years ago;
  • The largest area are swamps in the floodplain r. Amazons.
  • Ways of the formation of swamps

    The swamp may appear in two ways: when learning land and overgrowing of water bodies. In the first case, moisture appears in various ways:

  • Moisture accumulates in indepth places;
  • underground waters constantly appear on the surface;
  • when there is a large number of precipitation that do not have time to evaporate;
  • In places where obstacles interfere with the drainage.
  • When water constantly moisturizes land, accumulates, then a swamp may form in this place over time.

    The formation of swamps and peat in the swamps in nature

    In the second servant, a quagmire appears on the site of a reservoir, for example, a lake or a pond. Bravation of the water area occurs when it overgrows with land or its depth decreases due to the shallow. In the process of formation of swamps in water, organic deposits and minerals accumulate, the number of vegetation increases significantly, the pond of the reservoir decreases and the water becomes almost standing in the lake. Flora, which is overgrown with a pond, maybe, like water, from the bottom of the lake, and from the mainland. These are mosses, sedge and reeds.

    Formation of peat in swamps

    Когда образовалось болото, из-за недостатка кислорода и обилия влаги растения разлагаются не полностью. The dead particles of the flora fall to the bottom and do not rot, accumulate for millennia, turning into a sealed mass of brown shade. So peat is formed, and for this reason the swamp are called peat. If peat mining occurs in them, then they are called peat bogs. On average, the thickness of the layer is 1.5-2 meters, but sometimes there are 11 meters. In such an area, in addition to Sosoka and moss, pine, birch and alder growing.

    Thus, on Earth there are a large number of swamps of different education time. Under certain conditions, peat forms in them, but not all swamps are peat. The peat bogs themselves are actively used by people for mining, which are then used in various areas of the economy and industry.

    The formation of swamps and peat in the swamps in nature
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